Any difficulties with Connexion?

First my subscription disappeared, now my account seems to have disappeared too.

No response from their contact email either. I seem to remember they were doing a system update. I wonder if it has ended as so many “updates” do :roll_eyes:

We ended our account with Connexion, so no problems reading misleading articles now.


@John_Scully I saw some sort of notification yesterday saying that they were in the middle of an update and it was going to take some time, so I think you are right about that.

I shan’t resubscribe when my subscription ends either!

My problem with it is that it is not only misleading, it is profoundly negative. It seems to be very popular with a certain sort of Brit and I am clearly the wrong sort :smiley:


Yes, same here, all subscription info saying no records etc. Was going to unsubscribe anyway, watch this space.

Just received another email from Connexion as below…

Dear subscriber,

A quick update on our ongoing website upgrade progress - the work is taking longer than originally planned but is advancing. In the meantime you may continue to experience issues when accessing your subscription information from My Account area. Please bear with us, we are working hard to complete all as soon as we can.

You can access the digital edition of the current, September issue, via the link below:

The Connexion issue 227 - September 2021

In case you missed our August issue, it is available via the link below to also view/download/save:

The Connexion issue 226 - August 2021

If you have a query or a request that cannot wait, please email and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience and continued support. We very much look forward to sharing our website improvements with you shortly.

The Connexion team

Must be Accenture doing the upgrade :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Nah, it’s not costing anywhere near enough money.

It’s easy to get Accenture in on a project, it’s virtually impossible to get them out :joy:


Like many SF folk I have subscribed/read the Connexion for ages.
But have to say its not what it was years ago. News articles some times have inaccurate content and can be outdated, I’ve emailed in with a comment or question and don’t get even an acknowledgement…seems to me its now just an advertorial mag not a newspaper, even the web site is little different.

It was always inaccurate in translations. I stopped reading it a long time ago .I am still surprised that people take it as gospel😀

I can understand why some stressed folk might well cling to the idea that what the Connexion (or any other English News) says is absolutely correct… when talking about France.

Reading an attention grabbing headline in one’s native tongue probably sticks in the brain … regardless of how the article might later “tone it down” or defuse things…

Especially if they have insufficienct skill and/or confidence to follow the News in French and thus miss out on a decent comparison of what has been said/done…

I do not subscribe to Connexion, but do check it out from time to time (for the fun of it) …