Any easy way to get Amazon Prime from German back to English?

Just discovered our last guests changed the Amazon Prime account on our Smart TV to a German account.
For our next guests I need to get it back to English.
I’ve looked at a couple of videos and it seems to me I need to:

  • deregister Prime on the TV to get rid of the German
  • and then reregister by generating a code on the TV
  • which I then have to enter into my Prime a/c on my computer.

Would I be correct? Or is there an easier way?

That, alas that is the only way to get rid of the old account registration.

Thanks Guy.

Or, write to them, tell them you couldn’t deregister it from their account and bill them for a new TV.



That’ll ensure a repeat visit :slight_smile:

Depends how much you want guests that reprogram your TV and leave you scratching your head trying to fix it before the next guests arrive.

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Oh no Paul. They are two of the loveliest people I have ever met through our gite. They are coming back again. I met her after their first night - I always check with our guests that all is well and she told me they wanted to rebook! After one night.
He, especially, is fascinating. In a wheelchair since late teens/early 20s. We guess a motorbike accident. When he was in his 30s/40s (we guess) he travelled over 3,000 kms on a hand bike along the camino de Santiago de Compostella. He was filmed doing it by German TV. An amazing feat.
My view is if I have German guests then I need to offer German TV and a smart TV is the easiest way to do that. I just need to learn how to manage the process better.


I had hoped the inclusion of a smiling imp emoji would convey the fact I wasn’t being totally  serious :slight_smile:

Ah, I hadn’t realised it was smiling. :grin: Anyway, it gave me an excuse to tell you how wonderful they are. :slight_smile:
I also realised afterwards that of course they can’t put it back to our account because they don’t have access to our Prime TV membership page.

I don’t want to be the harbinger of bad news but if you’re talking about an Amazon Prime UK account (and not just the language of translation used by the TV), did you know that from Jan 21 Amazon stated it has restricted access to its UK account holders to when they are based in the UK ( including Eire). This was because the EU policy of free access from anywhere in the EU ceased for the UK due to Brexit.

This will eventually affect all French-based owners of all UK accounts for all paid-for streaming services, which includes Amazon and Netflix.

An increasingly small number of VPNs are still able to help “put you back into the UK” but I’ve seen reports that even the best ones are experiencing geo-blocking. Some SF’er will know my company runs a service to solve the problem and if you find you’re affected you can PM me.

I also think your German guests sound great. My own son recently lost a leg (Army related) yet has the same mindset and is well on the way to reaching the highest levels in International Wheelchair Rugby. Who need 2 working legs if you still have a can-do attitude, one working brain (and car with the UK reg M3 LEG!).

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We have a French Prime account. And we are increasingly frustrated by their strategy re the French / English thing. For example, Broadchurch with French subtitles and no English subtitle option, even though they would have been there in the original. (We need subtitles in English these days - everyone mumbles or has an incomprehensible accent. :grin: )

Funny that - they didn’t used to, did they? Standards must be falling :rofl:

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There is!

So glad you posted @Remidiah. As I was driving into town I thought: Hang on a minute, I’ve just told Andrew we have French Prime, but all our headings etc are in English! Of course! They’d reset the preferred language to German. :grin: So, easy-peasy. Just go into the language heading “Sprache” under settings (good job I did German O level!) and change back to English. All done.

I love Survive France. :grin:

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