Any electricians out there?

I just would like clarification on the installation of an electrical socket in the bathroom.
Having researched the books it seems that if the socket is protected by a 30mA. disjunctor then, strange though it may seem, there is no minimum distance it has to be from the wash handbasin.
Cany anyone please confirm this?

If I read the various summaries correctly, as long as it is more than 60cm from bath or shower it is in “Zone 3” and no particular requirements (above the normal ones, hence the requirement for the circuit to be protected by an RCD) apply.

For reference
Zone 0 - in the bath or shower basin
Zone 1 - directly above bath or shower to height of 2.25m
Zone 2 - within 60cm of bath or shower to height of 2.25m
Anything else “Zone 3” or “no zone”

Zone 0 - essentially nothing, ultra low voltage IPx7
Zone 1 - water heaters of at least IPx5, ultra low coltage lights (i.e 12V)- IP24 or IP25
Zone 2 - a few more things, class II lumieres towel rails etc

PS, your responsibility, electricity is dangerous etc, if in doubt refer to qualified electrician (which I am not).

I would be astounded if a socket and/or switch could be placed as-close-as-you-like to the basin… but am no expert… Paul has quoted the Zones.

Recently, OH fitted out a dressing room for me… the mirror-light switch and socket were placed about 70cm from the basin and I asked for both items to be waterproof… (belt and braces)… it all works very well and I love it.

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It does seem a bit counter-intuitive, but the zones are slightly more relaxed than in the UK, in particular there is no zone definition around wash hand basins.

Here is Legrand’s take on it.

I know Paul, we can go round and round the paperwork… and I still don’t like it.

I recall the builder who took over our renovation when OH fell ill. He was insistent that the plug/switch combination in the family bathroom, could not be nearer than XXXXX to the basin. With all subsequent works, OH has continued to follow his lead …

and in the Salle des Fetes… the light switches had to be moved away, when a new sink was put in last year… and the socket replaced with a closed waterproof one… so there’s more to it than what the pictures say…

Very iffy… water and electricity… better to err on the side of caution IMO

yes, personally I even put the light switches outside the bathroom, but it was the ‘letter of the law’ I was looking for reassurance on in this case, rather than one’s own application of adhering to good practice, and it seems that my interpretation of there being no minimum distance from the sink has been reaffimed by Paul.
thanks all

The typical French practice of having a washing machine in a steamy bathroom seems to be fine as well.

not to mention the arbitrary polarisation of phase & neutral

Unless the appliance on the end is double insulated its still a good idea in my book.

It’s not totally arbitrary - for a prise with earth pin at the top, live is supposed to be on the right as you look at the socket.

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that would make sense Paul, but I would be much appreciative if you could give me a reference where I could confirm that, please;

yes, I am not sure about this but I suspect that there are still many devices out there where only one pole is switched. If so ,by my reconning it is important to make that the live one.

It’s not chapter and verse, just some random guy’s blog but:

Also, most modern prises are colour coded, eg


You’ll have to trust me, but that does connect live to the right hand pin.