Any expat Canadians out there?

Morning all! Actually, not just Canadians. Anyone with a little knowledge on this would help. I’m finding that there is a fountain of knowledge on here! I hope you don’t mind if I tap you all again.
I have a friend that is looking to apply for a job in Canada. It requires a Catagory B driving licence. I am assuming, due to the nature of the job (mainly mountain bike training and guide) that this is a minibus licence?
My question is this…How long does it take to get, how much would you expect to pay for this and can you use a French driving licence to do it, or would they need to get a new licence? Any other infomation is very much welcomed toooooooo! Many thanks all you wonderful people. Have a good day! xxx

Not Canadian but have a French friend who is now a long haul driver in Quebec (goes through the USA and Mexico). He already had a lot of experience here and worked for a major haulage company in France. There is a lot of competition for jobs in Canada and they usually look for experienced people. Not sure if a newly obtained licence would work, but if your friend thinks it’s worth a go …Does your friend already have a Category B driving licence in France ( For Canada I believe this would be a bus catagory for up to 24 people) ? If so then maybe they would accept an International Drivers Licence which can be issued here in France. If your friend doesn’t then I think it would be a costly process to obtain one. . Why don’t you ask the regulations for the province they are applying to first ? Good luck to your friend :slight_smile:

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Maybe @Dan_Ravelle can advise?

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Sorry, no expertise or knowledge with driving jobs.

If you have nerd queries, I’m your guy :slight_smile:


Canada has a reciprocal arrangement with France regarding drivers licenses. Your friend would be able to exchange his French license for a Canadian one of the same classification. In fact if becoming resident and staying longer than a year, you would have to.

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Thanks Lance! That sounds like a goer! xxx