Any experience of using in-ground steel swimming pools?

I’m going through a selection process for a new swimming pool - in-ground, 7m x 4m, clay soil, and am looking at the different options - concrete, coque, and now, have come across a supplier who provides a galvanised steel swimming pool with a PVC liner. I have not come across this before, so I was wondering if anyone has this type of pool, and if so, what has been your experience of this type.
Would be grateful for any advice, pros and cons.

Many times and built a few.
I would advise you to attach insulation to the outside of the steel structure and also to use pool felt to line the inside before fitting the liner, this is not always supplied.

Happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Thanks John,
We have the supplier coming to do a site survey etc., before providing a quote - no doubt after the visit I’ll have a few questions which I’ll ask on here.

No problem, if you have a link to their product I can take a look for you? You may want to message me privately on SF

Hi John,
Messaged you just now.

Hi ykm71, Could you please send me a link to the website of the pools. We have an old & rather sad pool we would like to replace!
Many thanks

Hi @Toovey27, here’s the link:

We are also looking at:

Best of luck.

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Many thanks!