Any forums for English speaking people running a business in France

(Michael Connors) #1


I have recently set-up business in France.

I notice there is a forum for auto-entrepreneurs in French, is there anything like this in English?

Not even specifically about auto-entrepreneurs, but maybe a place where people can advertise their services and give and get advice?




Hi Linda, Sorry I am getting very confused and my PC is playing up.
Please email me at:
We would like to take up the 4 sites offer.


Hi Linda,
Yes of course.

That is our w/site.
PLease let me know what you think


Hi Linda,
I would like to take you up on offer.
What next?


Hi Linda,
Just a quick question about offer running…
the 25 euros is for how long?
PS have a look:

(Valerie Lemiere) #6

You must be looking for my site:

Best wishes

(Bill Harvey) #7

If you live in the 66 check out French-Anglo Business in the Pyrenees Oriental

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #8

We’re members of Valerie’s forum too, it’s excellent & we highly recommend it to other AEs. There is a wealth of information on there, check carefully as most questions have probably been asked & answered over the past 18m.

UK Stores Delivering Overseas

(Valerie Lemiere) #9

Apologies accepted Catharine! I’am having a doh! day here too. Have been asking a question about bilingual kids education on a few forums and forgot to come here 1st ;-0

Off to look for the right group.

(Catharine Higginson) #10

Well done Tracy - I totally forgot about that - really having a doh! day here - started at 3 am when woken by torrential rain and the storm.
Huge apologies to Valerie!

(Tracy Thurling) #11

There is a great forum/advice centre at It is run by a french SF member who has a full time job as a business advisor, so she is doing the same in English for all the English speakers, I have been a mamber since the beginning and it is really useful.

(Catharine Higginson) #12

Excellent! It would be great to compile a directory of all SF members and their trades / skills - think its something we need to work on!

(Michael Connors) #13

Thanks Catherine,

I have joined.

(Catharine Higginson) #14

Michael - I suggest you join the business owners group here - there are nearly 100 members and lots of auto-entrpreneurs!

(Michael Connors) #15

Failing to find one I decided to start it myself.

If it takes off I will register a domain for it.