Any Ideas for saving money and throwing less away?

I’ve never heard The Morvan referred to as deepest darkest Burgundy before.
OK, parts are off the beaten track, but it’s not like the Canadian backwoods.

It wasn’t for the beer, at the time they didn’t make it, but when the brewery started I & a few other Brits, Dutch & Germans where asked what they thought of the produce, It’s got a lot better since, God was that hard work :beer::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers: :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Living in the Middle East i came across the toilet bidet spray - thought it was a bit strange at first but now wish i had room in my tiny loo to install one. Definitely saves on TP :slight_smile:

Righto folks… I’m on an economy drive and will be buying loose tea in future.

This will be a learning curve until I find the right stuff at the right price… but I am determined and it will benefit the environment :hugs:

Any suggestions, folks ??? (polite ones please :crazy_face: )

If you like black tea my aunt orders something called ‘finest golden tippy flowery orange pekoe’ (may have those in the wrong order) and it is delicious. Nothing to do with oranges and it isn’t golden either.
All the bio shops sell loose tea.

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Cheers Vero… I shall enjoy wandering round the Bio shops when I’m next in Bordeaux or Perigueux. Those shops are fascinating places…:hugs:

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Come down as far as Bergerac and I’ll take you to them!

:upside_down_face: We visit Bergerac sometimes in Winter for a Bourse… If we do it this year, I will contact you…:relaxed:

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Save Water and save money… a double good-deed and a win-win situation… yippee :relaxed:

Anyone who has an interest in health care knows this.
The skin is a protection against infection and the oils that build up add to that.
Removing them every day or even more, defeats that object.

They may well know it… but it is another thing to put it into action. From my own wide circle - even folk who are very HC conscious certainly do shower every day…:zipper_mouth_face:

Unless you have been working hard and really need an overall shower, it is not really necessary.
I have a shower when I wash my hair, every four or five days and I have had no complaints so far!

Perhaps people don’t want to upset you Jane.:grinning:

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Jim would certainly let me know.

This one is for the ladies… (Guys you may want to do this :hear_no_evil:) or close your eyes :rofl: Or get with the flow (pun intended ) and tell the Mrs.
For several months I’ve been considering a menstrual cup. Not only are they reuseable I will never have to buy tampons anymore, how green and eco friendly is that! Also a huge money saver :money_mouth_face:
Finally bought one online for less than 3 euros and really impressed.


Nothing but in this house :grinning:

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I love how trends come around again…

Really, I’d never heard of them before…how long are we talking? I thought they were a new invention.

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I’m in the years of “The Crone” now…:grinning:

Thankfully menopause was a simple and natural transition for me both biologically and from uk to France…far too many super plus the week I left uk to none since I arrrved here…

Although I’m slightly saddened that my child bearing years are over I had made the decision 24 years ago…my 3rd child…my son who I was told was an impossibility and would kill me but who I nevertheless knew was waiting in the wings…I don’t regret what I went through for a second…(my two older daughters though didn’t take to him for years…lol…they both love him now but it was a long slog before they did…:grinning:)

On the run up to menopause I tried several organic alternatives but with an active lifestyle never felt entitrly comfortable…my cycle was always 26 days…it never wavered since I was 11…had I known about cups then I think I would have tried them out…even now post menopause and “The Crone” I still get a craving for dark chocolate so must still be in touch with my natural cycle…,:grinning:


They’ve been used from the 50’s onwards, and hugely popular with the hippy generations of 60’s and 70’s as we wanted to keep things as natural as possible.

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