Any "Interflora" recommendations?

Morning all!

I need to send some flowers for a wedding anniversary and need some recommendations. On the last two occasions I've used M&S the orders were lost, delayed and when they eventually turned up, the flowers were distinctly bedraggled. So I'm not making that mistake again!

Who do you use?

Thank you so much everyone for your recommendations and advice! Much appreciated. x

I have never had any problems with Rainbow flowers, Bunches or Sendabunch. At Christmas I use Thompson and Morgan who do amazing poinsettia's and hibiscus. For the spring I use Scilly flowers who send large bunches of narcissus which smell beautiful.

As you can tell, I still have a number of elderly relatives remaining in the UK, several in residential care for whom a plant is really the only option.

On the one occasion that Rainbow flowers had a delivery problem due to snow on the roads, they replaced the flowers with fresh ones the following week.

The other thing I've found with these companies is that they are much cheaper than interflora and even local florists.

Hope this helps you a bit

I used to phone a local UK florists and paid by card, no problems.

Are you sending them to the UK if so I have very reliable florist can give you number just say I said to call.......

Take Vicki's advice . You will not do better .


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As an ex florist, use a local florist via yellow pages. You will get better value for money as no money is taken by third party agents. The flowers will be freshly made that day and hand delivered rather than made up in advance to sit in a box to await delivery and possibly returned to the post office/courier depot to await collection in the event of non delivery. You also have the advantage of discussing with the florist your exact requirements rather than having to choose a generic design. I would always get moans from people who previously had received flowers from 'online agents' usually about the condition they arrived in, also about lost orders. I have to say that generally they didn't say anything to the people who had sent them. Hope this helps


I always use the florist in the town of Mirande which is only 15 kms from where I live and have never had any problems.

Morning Catharine,

We've used this site several times - always been reliable.

I always use the florist in the town that i lived in in the uk as most friends and relatives still live there ring up explain the situation pay by card flowers get delivered locally

I use Tesco and have had no problems and the flowers were fresh and as ordered.

Morning Catharine,

I tend to search local florists in or near to the town that I am sending the flowers to and check out their websites. When one inspires me, I email or ring them and order directly. It's cheaper than going via Interflora as you get more flowers for your money and a cheaper delivery fee.

I've done this in France, Canada and the UK and the flowers were by far superior in quality than using an online service. I also found that if I am ordering in another country and I tell them I'm ringing from France, some florists get quite excited!!??