Any machine knitters out there

Just wondering if there are any machine knitters out there...

Although my main interest is collecting vintage knitting machines etc, I love practically any aspect of machine knitting from the design of an item to the finished article.

I knit with all types of machines (that's the beauty of having a large collection) from an old sock machine to the innovative computer downloadable ones such as the Passap E6000 and Singer 9000.

My website is a virtual knitting machine museum and contains a blog of my activites and a healthy forum.

I am based near Callac in Brittany - the art of machine knitting is alive and kicking and I would be happy to hear from the like minded.

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Thank you Maggi, that is a brilliant idea and so simple once you know ! We will be going to the UK in December, so first stop will be B&Q

Ironically, when I was machine knitting, over 20 years ago, I had 2 children and a very busy and responsible job, working long hours and not getting home until late but I made time to knit. Now here in France I am home all day, without children and every minute is occupied and it’s difficult to find time to do the things I want to do.

Thank you so much for re-motivating me !

Well its good to know there is some interest out there, Patricia, thanks for your encouraging comments re my website, and with respect to your needle retainer, yours is a common problem and easily sorted if you can get a hold of some UK draught excluder from the likes of B and Q etc. The stuff in France does not have the required self stick side unfortunately.

Its a cheap way to repair sponge bars and takes about a couple of minutes, you just remove the old sponge (if its sticky, just scrape it out with a screwdriver) then use the draught excluder which has a sticky side and a glossy side - just roll it in and when finished, secure the ends with scotch tape, note you will need to use the draught excluder double thickness, ie one on top of the other, but one roll lasts a while. You will notice a big difference with your machine operation when you do this job (preferably on both beds ie main and ribber).

With respect to having the time, well in my working life, I was an estate agent, independent financial advisor and a building company's sales manager - it was a seriously busy life, didn't stop me then and now I am retired and my time is my own even better, I use it doing what gives me great pleasure - ain't that what life's about...

I have 3 knitting machines which I used a lot – but that was 20 years ago in a different life.

A year ago I decided to get one of them out and use it. I had totally forgotten, not only how to use it, but also how to set it up.

Eventually I had the machine set up and ready to go and, with the help of books and the internet, worked out how to use it. However there were problems with the some stitches – I think that the ribber needs a new needle retaining bar as the foam is completely flat (not surprising after sitting in a box for more than 20 years) but, being very short of time, I haven't yet had time to sort the problem. It was easy in England – just pop down to the local machine knitting centre – not so easy here.

The enthusiasm is there but unfortunately like Claire the time is limited.

I have just visited your excellent website and hope to spend more time browsing – it's nice to know that machine knitting is alive and well in France and that there is a potential lifeline available for those inevitable problems ! I might try once again.

I have two hibernating in my attic...... typical behaviour probably. I prefer the chunky knit one but wish it had a double bed. If someone could squeeze another day in the week I would start again but I am so taken up with work and sewing I never seem to get around to re-teaching myself!!

I have a Passap duomatic SD and I hope to have another machine soon. I am learning from youtube videos and have been experimenting. I need more time to make other things as I would like to start on clothing.

Hi Carol

Its been a long time since I posted on Survive France. I have a few Duomatics but would not like to be without a motor. I live in Brittany and operate from my purpose built studio where I store my knitting machines and other stuff.

I wonder if you are on Facebook - there is a healthy amount of dedicated knitting machine forums. My website is and within it is a blog of my day to day activities. Nothing much there fo the past 3 months as I have just returned from Australia. I thought there would have been more interest in machine knitting in France and have tried many times to set up a meeting for interested parties but no joy so far.

Still its good to hear there is another machine knitter out there, albeit quite a distance from Lohuec, where I live.

kind regards


Yes I am on Facebook, carolmiers

and you ?

Yes I am on Facebook