Any recipes using condensed milk

Thank you everyone. You’ve given me some wonderful ideas. It looks as though I may have to buy some more condensed milk to make all of them !!
BTW - can you get lait évaporé in France - I’ve not seen it in my local supermarkets but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place. When I bought the condensed milk, it was at the end of the coffee aisle!

If you like sweet creamy coffee, put some in your coffee

Even better is à la vietnamese summer…mix the condensed milk and coffee and pour over ice.

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yummy yummy in my tummy !!!

Almost unbelievable that folk hanker after something so disgusting and bad health promoting.

Often unhealthy gastro longing (gastrobation?) is related to memory and nostalgia for something lost or irretrievable, whether that be childhood, or in exile, one’s homeland.

Sometimes the memory is sufficient - above I recommended sliced white bread spread with condensed milk, it must be over sixty ears since I last had it and I certainly wouldn’t want it today. But the memory of how it was once enjoyed and indulged remains a pleasure.

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Very true, I wonder if those recommending many of the suggestions actually tasted their suggestions they would feel the same? I could once eat a mars bar or more preferably a snickers but not now I have cured the sugar addiction.

Yes, I like kulfi and vietnamese coffee. Fudge I make for others who seem to appreciate it.

Condensed milk may be high sugar, but also has calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin A, riboflavin, phosphorus, and protein. If one needs to pack in calories it fulfils the function. In the same way that I occasionally like a hit of something salty, I think super-sweet can be lively too. Life would be very balnd without a few strong contrasts.


I could come up with a long list of far better alternatives which are far healthier and it is the sugar the sugar and more sugar which is the problem, hiding other things to try and cover for the sugar is really bad. Calcium, who needs it late in life, just adds to other issues.

Of course, but life would be a bit dreary if one restricted oneself just to the ultimate health choices!

Not at all, they just dont come with a pile of sugar.

Raspberry and White Chocolate Chunk Cookies on the Nestle Carnation website are scrummy !

Lots of possible variations

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Sounds yummy - thank you @Claireinfrance.

I love raspberries, but I’d have to make mine without white chocolate maybe dark chocolate? Can’t stand the white stuff!

No one needs sugar on top of sugar ( white chocolate) The milky bar kid is fat and diabetic, with atherosclerosis.

@Corona - don’t be a spoil sport. I’m not having a dig at you but just can’t believe you’ve got it in for sugar.
Everyone needs a fix of something or other! Don’t tell me you don’t eat or drink anything that is ‘bad’ for you !

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The last person who said that to me was a heroin addict who is now dead.

Don’t dismiss @corona 's warnings about sugar. There is no evidence that suggests that a lot of it is good for you and plenty to suggest that we in the west are eating far too much of the stuff.

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I may have missed it, but I didn’t see anyone suggest ‘coconut ice’. Easy peasy - no cooking, no ice, four simple ingredients. Simple 4 Ingredient Coconut Ice

Don’t think Corona would approve but that could be a recomendation LOL


Another one to go on my list! Thank you @Ewen_Adamson .