Any recipes using condensed milk

In a mad moment whilst shopping recently, I bought some condensed milk. Don’t know why, I just did. Now I’m struggling to know how to use it. Apart from banoffee pie, what else can I make. I do not have an ice cream maker.
Any ideas please - thanks.

The Indian subcontinent offers many suggestions:


Dolce Lecce?

There are plenty of condensed milk ice cream recipes - either as a proper ice cream or with cream as a “no churn” / no anglais/custard shortcut to ice cream

Open the lid and get a spoon and start eating. :slight_smile: That takes me back many, many decades.


Banoffee pie :yum::yum::yum::yum::yum::yum:


my elder siblings enjoyed condensed-milk sandwiches… but it was too sweet for me to enjoy like that :wink:

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Hopefully on industrially made and industrially sliced, white bread . We’ve come a way since then. Ilike the memory, but would no longer wish t eat it.

Incidentally, to strike a topical note, has anyone else noticed the promo videos (and French media deconstructions)of Bardella handing out sweets - it’s a very risky double edged strategy because it can make him look harmless, but can also make him look child-like.

Vietnamese coffee….if you can find some beans.

Kulfi, with whatever fruit you have to hand.



The only possible answer is Scottish tablet, feel your teeth dissolve in the real time.


Milk jelly … just substitute the condensed milk for the same amount of hot water eg if condensed milk tin is 150ml just take off 150ml of water from the manufacturers instructions.

Mary Berrrys Salted Caramel Cake.

Good Aussie chocolate / rum balls :smiling_face:

There are some super suggestions here - thank you all. On top of my list at the moment are the Aussie chocolate/rum balls but @toryroo as I don’t like rum, could cognac work? From a quick look at the recipe, it says they freeze very well but I don’t think any of mine would make it to the freezer !
@JohnH and @JaneJones - Fudge (Scottish tablet) sounds really good. I don’t have to worry about my teeth disolving - they’re not mine anyway…
@Stella - I remember condensed milk sandwiches with fondness and yes @DrMarkH on good old white bread. And @SuePJ the only thing I’ve eaten out of a can is baked beans (Heinz, of course). And as a side, I refuse to pay the price in the shops for the Heinz beans so I buy Leclerc, HyperU or Lidl own brands. I put a large knob of butter in the saucepan, add the beans and a really good squeeze of Heinz Tomato Ketchup. I think I got that idea from Gordon Ramsay about the butter and ketchup but with crispy bacon on the top, baked beans on toast are a favourite supper treat.
So thanks to all of you - I knew I could rely on my ‘friends’ here.

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I hate booze in desserts and my kids love them so I always just make them from this recipe or similar:

I then roll 1/2 in coconut and 1/2 in unsweetened cocoa.

If you’re not worried about sugar and get get a can of evaporated milk try this Gypsy tart. We often had it at school and my Grandmother would make it for us kids.

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Delia has a great vanilla ice-cream recipe (no ice-cream maker needed) using condensed milk and creme fraiche (I use low fat to make it slightly more healthy!). It’s very popular and so easy to make.

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Florida Key Lime Pie. This is my go to dinner party dessert and when my grown up children come home it’s what they ask me to make.Key lime pie recipe | Good Food

If you don’t like alcohol in your aussie chocolate balls, you could try these

Its the huge amount of sugar in condenesed milk not the fat you should be concerned about :rofl:

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