Any recommendations for doctors in Dept 23 near to Gueret

Hello, I am looking for recommendations for a doctor in Dept 23 we are not far from Gueret, I
understand we may need to travel , happy to do so , but would prefer a doctor with a little English if possible. I can get by with my rather basic french but OH might struggle.
Many thanks in advance

Just a though, Jacqueline… if you ever need your Doc to make a housecall… if you are outside the “limit” it might not be possible.

Our doc made this plain when we signed on with him… we had chosen him because he spoke a little english, but now it makes no difference we chat in both languages.

If you ask around locally, you might well find the local Doc will “understand” even if not brave enough to chat in English. (many, specialists will have some English…)

also, we have been told that English is the language in the teaching hospitals, so help is on the way :wink:

Is Aubusson too far away for you?

Good morning :grin: thanks for replying, I did wonder about the distance if a house visit was needed. I’m sure sometimes we think we would never need one but , who knows?
Although there does seem to be some fairly long distances for people to travel if there are no doctors local to them. There seems to be a lot few doctors here in the Creuse, they seem to be retiring and not being replaced according to our neighbour .

Ask where your nearest Maison Medical is… that might be your best bet…

I think you might be being too restrictive trying to get an English Speaker…

There is an excellent Maison Medical in St Vaury with two very competent doctors.

Aubusson is around 45 mins away so probably a bit to far.

I understand Stella that its unlikely we can get a doctor who has perfect english but, as you said you chose yours because he had a little english . Until my ability with the language improves enough to be confident that I am understood ,just a little english will do :grinning:

Ask people you actually know locally, that is usually a good way.

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