Any Ricky Gervais fans on here?

It’s only on Netflix but will probably make it to YouTube eventually.

Thanks I have Netflix so will track it down, looks up my street :grinning:[]=18&category[]=41&category[]=49

Is that legal? I doubt it.

On what grounds do you doubt it? (In any case, the person requesting didn’t expressly stipulate on the issue).

Because I’m unable to access the site from the UK.

Probably best not to suggest using an illegal site such as this.

Do you have a VPN Mandy? If so, you can set it for whichever country you like. (A moment ago you asked whether it was illegal or not. Now you state that it is. Fast work. For clarity’s sake however, torrent hosting SITES are not illegal, though it is worth the authorities’ time to try to close them down. What IS illegal is the act of downloading from such a site. However, and from memory, no successful prosecutions have ever ensued in the EU, except once in Italy many years ago, I think).

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I don’t have a VPN but I understand how they work.

I also know about torrent sites and that it’s illegal to download/share copyrighted (is that a word?!) material. My first question was rhetorical because it so obviously was an illegal sharing site.

I know someone who used to use them in France and received at least 2 warnings about their usage and was threatened with a ban from the internet. I’ve not heard much about this recently so I’m wondering if the authorities have given up?!

Haha, sorry I didn’t spot the rhetoricity of the question, Mandy. An Italian lawyer friend tells me that they have, by and large, given up, in the face of the ubiquity of VPNs. I once received such a warning, about five years ago I think. As to banning one from the internet…there is no earthly way that could be enforced :slight_smile:

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I think they were just hoping that the threat of a ban would stop the activity. Never did though. I guess this was about 5 years ago as well.

Fabulous series. Watched all six in one hit! Utterly fabulous, laugh out loud funny, in fact snort wine down your nose funny (or was that just me?), poignant, achingly sad and brilliant.


The rice puddings though😂

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I felt the same way as Tony did! :nauseated_face:

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Watched episode 6 yesterday and teared up, even my husband looked moved. Penelope Wilton is really good. Very well written by Ricky Gervais.

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Apparently Ricky thinks it’s the best thing he’s done - l wholeheartedly agree - in fact the whole cast were fantastic with the Prostitute (sex worker), the bloke who topped himself, Postman (l read your postcard) Pat, Dad ( l hid from the German soldiers this morning), Kath (l love Kevin Hart), Lenny (skin so soft when he gets out of the bath), Anne (he never disagreed with me once in 48 years), Paul Kaye (cutting edge grief counsellor ), Ashley Jensen who l wished had cared for my poor old Dad, the beautiful Sandy (l don’t want you to be sad) and of course Lisa worthy of a special mention for making me cry and that magnificent Dog laying at her grave - quick get me a kleenex😊


And the dog obviously really liked Ricky Gervais they interacted so well. Ricky Gervais is a massive animal lover.

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