Any Telephone Experts?

Anyone know about old phones?
Bought one at a Vide G’ a few months ago, I was told it is converted, it has a modern plug to go in the phone wall socket, it’s had some wiring mod’s inside.
Question is, will it be safe to try it, whats the worst that can happen :thinking:
Don’t expect to be able to dial out, but it would be good if it could receive. Any info welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Hard to tell from the photo, the circuit board certainly looks more recent than the phone itself. However it does not look “modern”.

It will probably dial out, given that modern telephone systems still generally support pulse dialling.

Whether there will be enough current to ring the bell might be a question of luck.

Go for it

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It might well depend if it’s plugged into a fixed line or VOIP.

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It might given that a FSX port (what you plug a phone into) on a VOIP adapter is a bit less likely to support pulse dialling and quite likely to only supply a low ringing current.

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Thanks a lot both, so, can I assume it won’t ‘blow up’ the system :roll_eyes: i.e., the phone operates via the internet/live box! Btw, just to emphasize how much I know, wot’s FSX&VOIP.
Always maintained, it’s better to admit ones ignorance, rather than prove it :grinning:

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If you plug your phone into the LiveBox then you have a VOIP system - Voice Over Internet Protocol .

FXS just refers to the socket into which you plug the phone.

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OK Paul thanks, all the sockets in the house operate via the live box.

OK - this page suggests that only tone dialling is supported on the LiveBox so it won’t dial out, I also suspect that it will struggle to ring the old bell, in addition to the other phones in the house - however, as yet, I haven’t been able to find any info on how many phones a livebox is supposed to support.

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Really kind of You to come back again Paul, there are two more phones in the house.