Any tips on re-exporting car to UK?

I have imported private cars to France and got them registered here, but I've never done it the other way round. Now my mother is returning to UK after 6 years living with us in France, and her car, which was originally UK registered in her name but is now French registered in my name, has to be re-exported to UK.

Does anyone have recent experience of such a re-export? Are there any steps to be taken, documents to be obtained, etc., here in France before putting the car on the ferry, or is it just a matter of dealing with the DVLA import documents once it has arrived in UK?

We still have the original UK headlights, so at least re-conversion will not present any problems.

Good luck mate!!

Thanks for that Graham

What a relief! I've got enough to do getting my aged Mum back to UK without a lot of hassle with her car.

Hi Patrick

My (ex-)partner took the car I had bought her a couple of years ago back to the UK - went to dvla with the carte grise etc - and all was done in minutes. None of the hassle you find here. I am sure you will have no problems!!

She was over the moon at how easy it was - particularly after the rigmarole we had registering it in France!!