Any UK nationals 45-50 making the move to the Languedoc or Minervois area?

Interested to know if there are any UK nationals who have recently made the move to the Languedoc, or planning to? My wife and I are based in Minervois, having moved over a couple of years ago. We are both quite busy but want to broaden our network a little more in the 45-50 age group. Would also be interested to hear from other nationalities living the French life.

We lived in the Minervois up until 2009 in a little village called Mailhac. Then there were thousands of Brits around and I know from friends that there still are. If you go to Olonzac on market day and have a coffee at the ‘Cafe de la Poste’ you’ll find a load there for a start. We also know Germans, Norwegians and Dutch there as well. Capestang is another English centric area. There are two bars on the town square and one is heavily populated by Brits.