Any views on Andrew lawsuit?

Dunno if it will get to a court of law but I reckon the “court of public opinion” has already reached its verdict.

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How about a person swap.
If America sends back the cowardly lady who ran over and killed the young man outside a US air base and then fled back to America under the guise of diplomat Immunity then the UK can send Prince Andrew to explain that he is innocent.


I suggest we set all the dodgy royals adrift in the Atlantic.
They have money & privilege…they’ll be fine.


This is a civil lawsuit so it’s going to be very hard to force PA to go to the US. Maybe when the Ghislaine Maxwell trial finally starts evidence will emerge that links him to a criminal act and at that point he really will start to sweat.

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Maybe so, but not justified, yet. If there was enough evidence it would be a criminal case and then we would see if an extradition request would succeed.
But to convict anyone purely on the basis of a rather dodgy photo, which may have been photoshopped, and in any case shows the complainant clearly in a state of happiness and ease, would not be right.

I am not an apologist for the monarchy family, as a lifelong republican I will be happy if they were all gone. But trial by American lawyer on tv is not right.


But he must defend it, albeit from afar. Otherwise she’ll be awarded uncontested damages and then, I’d guess, she can sue him for payment in the UK.

I should add, him not pitching up will certainly not go down well with the jury.


Mummy will pay - he’s her favourite boy after all :roll_eyes:

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There is no way he will go to the US on his own volition, my guess is a civil court will find him guilty and he’ll end up doing a deal on financial damages which is what this is all about.


Yes, but it’s complicated. He’d be wise not to contest it to keep publicity to the minimum but not to do so is a tacit admission of guilt. He’s screwed one way or the other really. He’s probably going to try and do a pre trial deal but he’s stupid enough and arrogant enough to blow that opportunity too. He’d be wise to try and get things sorted before the Maxwell case which might throw up all sorts of dirty stuff (hopefully).

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Can he be tried in absentia ?

I know I’m not famous, or rich, and therefore unlikely to be put in this position, but doesn’t it feel wrong somehow that any bimbo can obtain a photo of one of us and doctor it onto a nubile youngster just to make some dosh?

Not saying that is what happened here, but it hasn’t been tried in a court of law yet.


It’s not complicated at all, the plaintiff wants money and she knows PA will cough up, it’s that simple.

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That’s how he got himself into this mess

There are a number of techniques for forensic analysis of images, especially noise analysis can often easily show if two images have been merged.

If it were detectably fake I am sure Andrew would have a string of experts on tap to explain the results. The Guardian article posted at the top of the thread points out inconsistencies in his story - there are others such as the claim he would not dress like that despite having been photographed in almost identical attire leaving several London nightclubs in the weeks preceeding the (alleged) photo, and let’s not forget the laughable “I can’t sweat”.


She’s already settle two cases out of court.
If she wanted to see these men punished, she should go through with her case.

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Fair enough, I hadn’t gone into the ins and outs of it, and hated to put myself in the position of appearing to defend him, but it just didn’t sound right to me.

By punished you mean they pay 0000’s or millions in compensation?

No, what is the sentence for using trafficked under age girls?
If this allegation is really true then it should be proved in court, not become part of a pension for someone on the make.

This is not a criminal lawsuit Jane so if it gets to court it will be a civil trial and if found guilty by a jury he won’t be sent to prison but will likely be forced to pay a ton of cash.

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