Anybody know if French booster shots are 50g or 100g?

I asked last week when I and the OH had our booster (Moderna) - was told it was 2.5ml for the booster instead of the usual 5ml.

Anybody good at sums? Does 2.5ml equal 50g?

2.5 ml = 2.5g, give or take a few mg

The article I added says:

50 microgrammes d’ARN messager

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This article mentions potentially increasing the dose from 50 to 100 micrograms for the booster.

I thought they were 5G - much better data speeds!

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Just had Pfizer - 0,3ml (300ul in units I would usually use).

I had my booster in the UK a couple of weeks ago - I think the Moderna is a half dose and the Phizer a whole dose so that ties in with France.

Now I need a certificate :frowning: