Anybody taken action following a dog bite?

Has anybody been through the process of taking official action - porter plainte - after being bitten by a dog? If so, I'd be interested in knowing your experiences. Thanks.

I was badly bitten 3 weeks ago by a border collie farm dog that pursued me on my mountain bike. I had two deep wounds on my calf which are thankfully now finally starting to heal. I reported the incident to the gendarmerie and the old lady who was with the dog was issued with a letter telling her to present the dog's vaccination certs but as far as I know she has ignored that. She had no control over the dog whatsoever, but isn't that the case with the majority of these working farm dogs - this dog chased our car too and bit the wheels as we departed. I am 100% sure the dog will bite again and God help us if it happens to be a child next time :-( Unfortunately, the attitude around here has generally been a Gallic shrug of the shoulders and well, that's just how it is, sorry, which I am not happy about. I would like something done about the dog as it is a real danger, but I don't know what is involved if I officially 'porte plainte' and the matter ends up at a tribunal, or even if that is the route that I have to go down. I am not so concerned about the medical costs as they are being covered by the RSI and my Mutuelle.

It’s not that difficult I made one about my neighbour (he didn’t bite me) but he tried to stove my head in with a bar just go to police and ask they will sit you down and take the statement it’s no more than that really …I did ask if I could have my neighbour put down but it seems there is one law for animals and another for mad neighbours…not fair really

I was badly bitten by a neighbour's dog but he was with me so there was no need for me to complain. Dog was taken to a vet for 1st of 3 blood tests and then to a kennel as neighbour was concerned he might bite again. After the 3rd blood test he was put down. The AE Dept I went to sent a form to the police to confirm what had happened as did the vet I believe.

Felt really sorry for the dog (Pyrenean ), am sure it was just a reaction to being kept chained up with just one walk a week.

I then claimed compensation for clothing/costs from the neighbour's insurance company but that is another long, complicated story