Anyone any experience with What3Words?

Just installing what3words app on my phone and it’s asking me what language I want.
Obviously, as I’m in France, if I have an accident and need to call the pompiers, French is my best choice of language.
On the other hand, gite guests coming from the UK (here’s hoping, one day!) will find life easier if I provide directions using English words.
Anyone know if I can toggle between languages?
Thanks for any help/suggestions.

Ignore me! Just googled and found the answer, I can. Usefully, can download several languages - so in German for any German guests, etc etc.

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Just updated mine. Didn’t realise it used Apple Maps… I look forward to getting people lost with that.

Also, I didn’t know it used different words for each language.

Also uses Google Maps, for anyone who’s interested.

I use it in English and didn’t know there were alternatives! But since the words don’t really make much sense I wonder how much matters as would people be confused by seeing different words?

Why would they if they realised it was just for specifying a particular spot?

Considerably in an emergency. The last thing on earth one needs to be doing is trying to say an English word to a French pompier. :thinking:

Do any French emergency services use WhatThreeWords?

They will in time.

You set your second language to French, German etc and it shows in the second language under your English 3 words.


Great. Thanks Colin.

Reading this thread I learnt a lot about the 3 words system that I didn’t know, especially the language thing. My wife has been telling me about 3 words for ages, and complaining about how it doesn’t appear to have taken off here in France. Perhaps things are about to change ?

I do wonder though, as a tourist, if you’ve set your app to use your native language to provide you with an address, then you have an accident en route, either in the country of destination, or another that is not your own, would you, in an emergency situation have the wherewithall to switch language generators before asking for a 3 word address for the emergency services ?

Set your second language before you leave :wink:

Interesting… I think they have changed something with W3W.
We generated a QR code some time ago of our address (to aid any visitors) and this thread prompted me to try it out with the QR reader on my phone… it used to bring up Google maps I’m almost certain but today, it didn’t work at all. I also tried a different QR reader but still to no avail.
Now that was a really useful feature…

Real life scenario for me would be FR>CH>AT>DE, which would probably represent a challenge for W3W, in which I would have to remember to switch language somewhere around Bern :rofl: