Anyone around Pont-d'Ouilly?

Hi All,

I've been living in France since August 2015, still early days!

My French is limited and we live in a small -but friendly- hamlet just outside Pont-d'Ouilly. My Partner is bilingual and (mostly) grew up in France, a blessing and a hindrance in equal measure!

I have yet to have made any of my own connections other than my partners old school/family friends! I would love so much to meet like minded people!

So about me briefly...

I'm interested in living ethically and naturally as possible, working on skilling up with the massive garden we have - still very new to all of this!

Yoga, running - mid way through the Couch to 5k program! Love hiking, climbing (a little rusty!) any out door activity, I'm game :)

I'm learning French I really need to get better, some supportive confidence building buddies would be fab!

We both work from home (web developers!)

Think we have something in common?
Want to meet up for a cuppa/bevvie? or do some Yoga/climbing/running/hiking/gardening? PM me :)

Hi Karen,

my gf is yogina and we both work from home. :)

Your 6 hours north from us otherwise we would have been happy to pop up - in and share some time!

If your in the Cantal -> send me pm

Thank you for the message Ivan, I'm grateful for your offer. :-)

We live in Falaise".not far from you!
Been here for 14 years…

Hi!!! I’m new to France and would to chat…i don’t know french really.