Anyone Buy a Vehicle in Monaco - then Register it in France?

This is really helpful, thanks. The motorcycle was until recently registered in France, so hopefully I will be able to easily follow in your footsteps on the process! The Monaco owner is leaving it to me to sort the deregistering in Monaco and obtaining of the temporary plates, but I think I’ve worked out the various forms and the process I need to do that.

Thanks again!

Take care there @isuzu78.
As I understand the law, the previous owner is obligated to notify the Monaco authorities of the change of ownership and to return the Monaco plates.
The previous owner of our motorcycle had to make an appointment and attend the vehicle registration office in person. That produced a “Certificate de Vente ou de Cession d’un Vehicule d’occasion”. It is issued by the Servuce des Titres de Curculation of Gouvernment Principier in the Leincipaure de Monaco. The certficate is evidence that the previous owner is no longer the registered keeper, it was issued to him there and then. Without this you may struggle to prove that you are entitled to register it in your name.
The next day, the same service issued and posted to us a “Certificat pour Obtention de la Carte Grise en France”. They took a few dats to actually put it in the post, which took a few more to deliver it. This we used when asked for the Certificate of Conformity; it contains all the relevant fields for a CG.
Without these documents, your application will have the same properties as someone chancing their luck by registering a bike that they stole from Monaco - albeit you may gave a piece of paper rhat alleges to be a receipt.
I do not know if you can get the required papers without the previous owner’s participation. If not leave it in his name and rack up as many speeding and parking penalties as you can :sunglasses:
Dud you ser any proof of his ID or address ? Can you be certain that it was not stolen from one of the hundreds of unoccupied holiday homes there?
Assuming all is legit, contact the Monaco police, advise them of the situation that you are in and ask for advice. Let the previous owner kniw that you have done this. That may be enough leverage to get him/her/they to acf. if not, the Monaco police may tell you what remedies are open to you.
Good luck.

Sorry to cause alarm - the sale hasn’t actually gone through yet, just been agreed. I need to get the seller’s signatures on all the relevant docs, but as I understand it, I can then take those in person to the Monaco-equivalent of the DVLA including on the seller’s behalf. The Monaco government website says “The sale may be registered in the absence of the seller, but the seller must ensure that it has been registered". I have the seller’s ID and address. Hopefully it will all be relatively straightforward.

Another query you might know the answer to: what do you do about insurance? It seems the insurance company requires the vehicle to be registered to you before they’ll give you insurance, but the French require proof of insurance as part of registration. How do you get insurance in place to actually ride it away from the seller’s location?

Thanks again for all the advice.

OK, seems you have the documentation under control there.

Regarding the insurance, find a broker that can manage this. Your problem is that you won’t know what the temporary registration number will be, not until it is issued.

We do all our insurance through Fab French Insurance, aka Pepite Courtage. @fabien is a member on here. Give them a call, they may be able to arrange cover by VIN number? Or, they may be able to issue and email to you a copt of the insurance certificate on the day.

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