Anyone crossed the border in the last couple of days?

Has anyone (British residents in France in particular) crossed the border from France to UK since the new restrictions came into force yesterday? How was it’?

Friends emailed me this morning to say they had safely arrived in UK this morning.

No problems experienced. They had all their documentation in order.

They’ll be back after Christmas…

Hopefully the return journey will be as uneventful, which port was this from.

I’ve zapped them an email… asking for info…

A friend of ours returned to France via the Portsmouth-Ouistreham ferry that arrived on Saturday evening (18/12/2021). The only problem was that her pre-departure test result didn’t have a time on it, just a date. The staff at Portsmouth let her board but implied that she might have issues at the other end, but there were none. She holds a titre de séjour permanent.

Reply re travel to UK : Via the Tunnel… Saturday 18th December

"Covid test pharmacy QR code would not register had to be done again .
Then loading all on tunnel website would not accept covid docs . Came up message not to worry but check before arriving tunnel .
Next morning 6 am logged onto site all our documents rejected !!!
At tunnel they then said no problem and took all our paperwork . There were a lot of other people in same situation so guess their systems crashed .

Anyway then no problem going through border control .
No one asked why we travelling or checked car etc . Got a train 2 hours before schedule and off … "

There was a rumour or 2 yesterday that some people who tried to enter via Limoges Airport were refused entry and put on the returning Ryanair flight ( visiting family)

I hope everyone travelling between the U.K. and France has a compelling reason to do so.

I can vouch for the folk I know who have gone to UK… they have not gone there for pleasure… quite the reverse, sadly.

We have Dutch friends who have gone back to Holland for Christmas and are now in lockdown!

Bit of a misleading title. I crossed 2 borders yesterday and another one today to go to work. I can’t be the only one on this site who regularly crosses “the border”.

Crossed via caen, everything was fine.
The biggest problem were the other travellers who seemed to be surprised by all the paperwork that they should have had prepared to hand over, Not to suddenly jump out of the car and rummage in the boot. Some took as long as 10 mins, we took 90 seconds and were thanked by the staff for being so prepared.
Enty into the UK was as usual, we cleared the port 30 mins after docking time

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Hi, I was meant to visit family in the UK in early December. Car laden with presents broke down in St Malo. I continued as a foot passenger a couple of days later having sorted out garage etc - I had to redo Lateral Flow Test and passenger location form. Car and contents was ready to collect on Tuesday. I had meant to go with my daughter but she did not qualify under the restrictions - no Residents card and escorting her 78 year old mother was not good reason!!! So I went on my own - no problem except that the reduced time for the lateral flow test to within 24 hours was a bit of a worry and I found the eOS form fairly straight forward. I got through with no problem.
I collected the car on Tuesday morning from the garage. Technically I should have been self-isolating. However I returned to the port, having got a French Lateral flow test and waited for the evening ferry with a bunch of new documents. The only near disaster was one of the car wheels almost falling off - wheel nuts not properly tightened so I had been transported back to the garage before I went for my French Lateral Flow test. I then spent a very cold day in my car.
I had no problems going back to the UK. I had all the required documents and the port staff remembered me from my disastrous attempt two weeks ago! I was just asked for passport when I arrived in the UK
I now, hopefully have a couple of days self- isolation with my daughter wrapping all the presents. Should be OK for Christmas as I have taken my own tests before and after being near people.
There are grey areas in the regs and the forms but I was prepared to be refused and have to return to my French home for a lonely Christmas but everyone was very very helpful - even the garage staff!

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