Anyone else find Orange and Pages Jaunes a collective nightmare?

Today after having only asked to add us on Orange's business listing they have managed within 2 hours to take me off internet phone, cut me off totally and seems its going to take 24 hours to get my phone back!! No mention of recompense or apology. Plus when I was cut off I was just on the phone discussing that Pages Jaunes took 500 euros off us this year just to put in as a listing-all be it in 3 towns. Well it was just by chance as their rep is calling me tomorrow-as I am not feeling like renewing as had 'o' calls as a result..when I per chance read up on their web page that normally a listing with nothing additional carries no charge at most not much more than 9 euros a month? Anyone had probls like mine they can offer advice?

It took me 2 months to get them to realise my house had not been occupied for years and years and there was no phone line actually going to my house. They never then explained my phone would be via the internet. It took me a while to realise what contract they signed me up for. Oh and when the service techniques came out on my was quite comical in they were left scratching their heads as there was 'no phone line' and the customer was not after all an idiot (as their customer service line had implied to the staff in the orange boutique). Then they had to get the engineers out to fit said line etc. I still dont have the orange tele-gave up on it..have a dish for UK tele instead.

Some people say the English language service is helpful. I once tried it as a last resort and just gave up and put the phone down after a couple of minutes. Orange are so grossly incompetent it is amazing they have not lost all customers and gone bankrupt!

Hi Brian. Yes ooh its oh soo frustrating at times getting anything done. I speak very good French, naff at writing it-but sometimes you just think..I'll use their line dedicated to British people-with Orange..and there the fun started. I like that what you say the 'resigned sighs' :)

I think Nicky that it is more a case of mention EDF or Orange and people explode. From time to time somebody comes along with a post like yours that has gone through the mill several times over. It is not at all to do with you, your post or anything to do with it but that feeling of being fed up to the back teeth of the topic and that 'oh no, not again' feeling. People are probably far more sympathy that hides behind resigned sighs!!

No you all find Orange totally bothers? Well finally I have my phone back for the internet but not incoming calls..yes fun fun. The Pages Jaunes rep rang again 3rd time to say yet again he will fix yet another rendez-vouz by phone to discuss why had 0 replies to our listing on their. 500 euros for 0 calls and a rep who is quite frankly dreadful.