Anyone ever bought one of these?

Now, this is what I call a garage en bois double avec hangar chez moi… 18m x 7m



Graham, you could turn a few €€€ by renting that lot out to late-comers in the race to residency. It seems the French have now OK’d virtually any form of shelter as qualifying accommodation.


The thought had occurred Christopher… :rofl:
The roof faces south and we have thought about photovoltaic cells - would be enough to light up Paris… The wall at the back is straight up as it’s on the boundary so a huge mono pitch roof.

I like that but were on restanque so I’d have to go split level (which is not out of the question :wink:).

What did you use for the roof? Any supplier you’d recommend?

The whole structure was purchased along with the house frame from the UK and shipped over by curtain sided transporters. The roof trusses are substantial so we used the same interlocking tiles as we did for the house
The tiles are mixed tone Romane Castel vielli:
we bought 2,600 for the garage roof (12-13 tiles per sq metre).
We bought the frame from and the contact was David Goldsbrough.

I looked at one last year, they looked excellent but decided to use our hanger and put a garage in there with a two post ramp I have sitting in the UK.

I’d love a ramp Colin. More and more useful the more creaky I get. I don’t think I’d get away with the height required though. I’ve a Morgan that even the most talented limbo dancer couldn’t change the oil on without a ramp.

For the price that looks a little flimsy to me, and you have to do the work yourself. We have local people who put up pretty solid wood structures not much smaller than that for the same sort of price - and you get it built and finished. Have a look at what’s available in your patch and keep a local person in business.

John, if you are not changing the oil filter every time and just the oil, get one of the below and change the oil by feeding the intake hose down through the dip stick into the sump and drain the oil that way, easy.


They look like a good firm Jane. Problem is labour is so expensive in the Var. Something custom built would be expensive. I got planning permission for a brick one but as we live on a ridge the Mairie wanted a water retention tank almost the size of the bloody garage. It was just not worth it, I’d never get the money back.

All I need is something not too offensive to shelter a couple of cars and a motorbike. We’re doing a lot of work on the land in the New Year. So much that the Paysagiste has offered to build the garage for free (or rather it’s hidden somewhere in the devis). That’ll give me a ten year guarantee all round so it’s probably the simplest route.

I had a large garden shed built in the same interlocking way that had lasted twenty years without a problem when I sold the the house it was in, So I think they’re quite tough, but I was wondering if anybody had used the firm.

How’s about a pit?

That’s a very good idea. I’ll look in to it (no pun intended :slightly_smiling_face:)

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John. If ever there was an opportunity for a yard wide, shuttering-ply sided, concrete bottomed pun - that was it ! :smile:

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You could always jump straight in :rofl:

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Now look what I’ve started…