Anyone fancy a dip?

Brrrr… not for me… but it looks as if they enjoyed themselves… crazy lot… :relaxed::relaxed:

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Seaside never a huge joy for me. Much prefer forest of every kind.
So much that’s uncomfortable like sand in your socks, after.
And always bits of damp clothing, things lost on the beach, camera no longer works, hair like brillo pads, toes stubbed on rocks…
I resolved to think only of beautiful things, yesterday… Something must have gone awry…ah…GERD…

I LOVE the sea, I grew up a 5 minute walk from the Mediterranean and was at school a 2 minute walk from the North Sea, and even elsewhere it was no more than an hour away… I live a 2 hour (Atlantic)or 4 hour (mediterranean) drive from the coast now, I miss ot and it is the one thing I would change about where I live.

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I love the sea - and for me, in my head, it is always “just over the next hill” although in reality it is several hours away…


You went to school by yourself, from age 4…in Scotland? By plane. From somewhere on the med? I’m trying to keep the bits of jigsaw sorted… They must have been primed ready for you, all along that route, however many years ago it was, as infants alone, would have been stopped and kept somewhere safe…
I’m thinking about sea lovers…now.
It looks good, often, that’s true.

What is it, that is in your head…do you mean the look/scent/wind/air/mood…of the sea, or…maybe…

I do remember going wild for bus trips to Littlehampton, with my gran, when a child. The sea was a part of a different life.
Busy jolly town, funfare, sand castles and crabs in pools. Small things.

Jeanette, I am talking about childhood memories. Holidays at the seaside were very special and as we got nearer and nearer, us kids would all crane our necks to try and be the first one to catch sight of the sparkling blue waves etc etc…

Thus, in my mind, the sea is always “just over the hill” because it always was so. Even when arrived at our destination… there was a sandy slope to walk up before the beach spread itself before us and the sea beckoned us to dip our toes and wriggle with delight at the chill…

Oh my - happy memories never fail to give me pleasure … yippee


Yes!! How lovely! Stella! Perfect memories, beloved people, places, pets, a few seconds can take you into a whole planet of memories, I think a perfect memories topic would be good…to clobber the fellow always beefing about time travellers!
I understand now! Just over the hill!
It was so much about getting there! The journey! Sometimes we went by train, they were all those fabulous huge steam trains, then! Still thundering through Eastern Europe I think, well they were in 2002, when I rode from Lugansk, to Paris.
Oh my! Loved the trains. To Bognor, Brighton, Hastings…never anywhere exotic! Always had buckets, spades, rock with the name of the town, sunhats (mine had ‘kiss me quick’ on the ribbon, windmills, candy floss, tizer, …) hahahah… so long ago! Always took home “souvenirs” like the red Indian ashtray, that was supposed to be a kind of barometer… “apron pink, weather stink, apron blue, sky is too”…
…shut up Jeanette!!!

Yes! They were primed for me until I was 7, after that I did it without any official help from airlines etc my parents had to choose if I was an unaccompanied minor with or without assistance and they chose without. (unofficial because there will always be a kind person to get your case off the carrousel or lift it onto the train, etc). Before 4 I travelled with a label around my neck like a parcel :joy: except when I was with parents.


A bit like this when children were evacuated during the war…

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Yes very much like that!

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“I think a perfect memories topic would be good…to clobber the fellow always beefing about time travellers”

Are you putting your haphazard memory at my door Jeanette due to me anointing one fellow member a time traveller or are you just being your irresponsible playful self with words - probably.

Everybody has memories of yesterday, they are not exclusive to you or others who think like you - Those of us living in the UK in the post war 1950s as children of war torn families took enjoyment from the small pleasures available. My first seaside holiday was in Bognor, then Margate where l wandered off and was recovered by a local Bobby.

London was a magical place to behold as a child - l loved it and still do.

We are not all as articulate or expressive in our writing, it does not mean we do not have fantastic memories from our childhood.

Your call to “clobber” the fellow always beefing about time travellers is unpleasant and disingenuous IMO - and if it was l that you were referring to l am in no need of clobbering to punish me for referring to Norman Clark as a ‘Time Walker’ - in fact let’s not try to gang up on one another at all - that would be really good.

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Dan …you seem to me to have read into my comment almost nuthin that I intended to express. If I’m that obscure and that objectionable, please, feel free to pull the plug on me, pronto. Blam. I’m squished. Easy peazy.

You had fabulous parents, in my opinion. All might be lovable in their own way, of course. My parents would have both fainted away at the thought of my being permitted to do anything so life threatening, as to board a plane at such a young age, even with an entourage of body guards. It was necessary, for me, because I couldn’t bear either of them to be stressed, to live a double life as a result. And teach myself the art of wandering. Incredibly dangerous even in the 40s and 50s…I can remember the men in macks behind phone boxes and rhododendrons, but having no understanding of risk, was never too much scared. I know a good pal and I found tremendous fun, in tricking those odd people who were child stalkers, in effect, into wild goose chases…twenty times around Woolworths …or back and forth on the same 50 metres of pavement, going nowhere at all…and then hop on a bus super fast. Did they lecture you on how to manage bad situations? My parents were afraid of everything, quite reasonably, for them, as they were both frail. Freedom. Seemed priceless, the state of living I longed for most, without understanding what it meant. Why did you go so far away, to school?

Of course l could be mistaken - Perhaps you could clarify the phrase “To clobber the fellow always talking about time travellers” - Who were you referring to?

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[quote=“Jeanette_Leuers, post:14, topic:23767, full:true”]
You had fabulous parents, in my opinion. Why did you go so far away, to school?

Being sent away to school was the normal thing in my family, I should have gone at 7 like everyone else, but I went at 4 because I could read and write and my parents went to live in Japan for a bit and didn’t want to take me.
I always went everywhere by myself including the cinema, Hyde park, restaurants, wherever. The only rule was I had to have an adult in uniform to cross the road with in London.

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Dan, I haven’t got another word to add to my first reply!
Don’t like me, is AOK!
Squish me! :blossom: :grin: :blossom:

Just being provocative for the sake of being provocative then - Comme d’habitude. Oh! There will be no need for squishing as l read most posts on SFand reply or comment as l see fit - so unless you are thinking of “squishing” me, and feel free to do so, l will continue to do so. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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