Anyone for Tennis?

Quite an upset… :thinking:


not the only change this year … :wink:

In-laws are going tomorrow, hoping to see either Federer or Nadal.

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And the ladies are now referred to by surname only!
Why does the BBC not mention this major change?

It does Ian. They have stopped telling us their marital status but do use christian names.

Sorry, Chris. This afternoon it was, “Game Konta”! “Game Bogdan”, etc.
The only use of Miss or Mrs. was, as for men, “Miss Konta has two appeals remaining” as per “Mr Federer has two appeals remaining”. (Examples only).
I’m still waiting for ladies to play best of five sets or gentlemen to play best of three - they have equality of prize money, after all.

It was explained on tonight’s news and they we’re clearly using christian names during Serena Williams match. I’ve no idea why they’ve made this change though.

This explains it better,

Yep, accept that. But there are two Miss Williams and they have habitually been referred to to by first as well as family name.
Despite the Daily Telegraph article, the BBC didn’t mention it in their piece about what has changed and, I believe this change to be rather more important than Sir Andrew Murray’s hip!

Well it’s the LTA that made the change so maybe the Beeb didn’t feel it needed to comment. The commentators still use first names though.
Murray’s hip is important. After all he’s still the only one that might win something :wink:

Serena Williams is married.:wink:

But, like a lot of married celebrities, she retains her maiden name in her field of fame.

But she ain’t a ‘Miss’ anymore Ian.

I think this hoary old social (Miss, Mrs, Ms) convention is well past its use-by date and seems to be disregarded by many women these days. The expectation that women should adopt the title Missus and their husband’s surname after marriage is, I think, a paternalistic relic.

I think children also should be free to choose their surname from either parent, or even a made-up one, when they reach an appropriate age, perhaps around 12-14.

Why not?

she doing well …

It seems to me that UK schools should look at how female teachers are addressed too.
Our daughter and all female teachers are addressed as Miss by pupils regardless of their marital status. In school publications she is referred to as Ms.
Perhaps all prefixes should be dropped and simply use everyone’s Christine and surname?

I love Wimbledon, I even timed my hysterectomy to enable to watch during my convalescence.
I like the first rounds best, where you see upsets and more interesting matches than just the usual suspects.
Andy Murray is on today playing with Hebert in the Men’s Doubles.
It will be interesting to see how he gets on with Serena Williams, who will play at the net?

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