Anyone from the Limousin Region

(Ron Browning) #1

Hi all,

I have a property in the Limousin region, anybody else on here in my area ??

(John Dawson) #2

Hi to anyone reading this - I’m about 24km/15miles east of Limoges - still in 87 Haute Vienne

(Kirsty Achterhuis) #3


I’m in 23, where abouts are you?

I’m new to this site but have two businesses here and found everyone through that.

Hope things are good with you.

(Catharine Higginson) #4

I know - we really need to find some more members in other regions - I know there are lots of brits in Brittany!

I guess its because it has so far grown by word of mouth and radiated out from the SW so to speak…

(Ron Browning) #5

Thanks Roger,
I have found a few in my area but I mainly put it as a thread to allow people if they desire to reply to it

(Roger Thomas) #6

Click on the members map above and enter your own location. Then find your neighbours.
While not in the Limousin region I live just over the border in Perigord.
This site is secretly called Survive(SW)France !!!