Anyone from the Limousin Region

Hi all,

I have a property in the Limousin region, anybody else on here in my area ??

Hi to anyone reading this - I’m about 24km/15miles east of Limoges - still in 87 Haute Vienne


I’m in 23, where abouts are you?

I’m new to this site but have two businesses here and found everyone through that.

Hope things are good with you.

I know - we really need to find some more members in other regions - I know there are lots of brits in Brittany!

I guess its because it has so far grown by word of mouth and radiated out from the SW so to speak…

Thanks Roger,
I have found a few in my area but I mainly put it as a thread to allow people if they desire to reply to it

Click on the members map above and enter your own location. Then find your neighbours.
While not in the Limousin region I live just over the border in Perigord.
This site is secretly called Survive(SW)France !!!