Anyone got a 10-12 year old

who would be willing to read through the first 6,000 words of a middle-grade book?

The point of getting a child to do a read through is to find out if it really would suit middle-grade and if the story hooks them, the characters are deep enough, if the story moves too fast or too slow.

It is still in a roughish format but definitely readable.

I always think there is more point in getting the kids to read the kid's books rather than the adults - adults can be sooooo pinickity and really, quite, urgh, grown-up....Borrring!

I'm just going to ignore you until tomorrow, Wendy, if that's alright with you, because my nerves are already shot to ribbons sending it to Catharine....

My son Toby is 12 and would be happy to give it a read through.

Email it to me ?


It won't fit in a message, will it?

I don't know how to do it any other way.

Don't mind - whatever's easiest?

Thanks, Catharine (and Max) - I didn't expect a response that quick.

How do you want me to send it? - and tell Max to be honest but gentle with me. You know how delicate I am.

Yup no worries. Max is 12 and is a 'reader' so should hopefully give you some feedback :)