Anyone have experience in partitioning / subdividing land?

Hi All,

We live in a semi-rural area in l’isère. The property prices here are a bit steep to say the least. To get anything in our budget, we would need to get a project house. However, the more riskier option is to buy a more expensive property on a large plot of land and then to subdivide the land to put the house back within our budget.

Has anyone divided up land before, are there any tips out there?



Is the land of significant value? It is normally very cheap so may not allow you to offset much of the cost if you are able to sell the land.

If you are considering a renovation please be aware that it is very expensive to do. Get detailed quotes then add perhaps 30% to give you an idea of total cost.

The land where we are is quite expensive. The 500 m2 plot across the road from where we are renting is currently on the market at 210 000 euro

Thanks for the tip on the renovations.


Don’t assume that if you subdivide the land you will be able to sell it as a building plot. So if you plan to sell half, you may well not get half the purchase cost for it. Especially if there is no planning permission on it.

Do make sure you have detailed discussions with local mairie to understand what you might be allowed to do, and what you might not!


Wow - I can see where you are coming from, just make sure the purpose of the land at the local Mairie.

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Straight to the mayor’s office then!

Absolutely! We have found ours really helpful - we had to make a rendez-vous with the planning lady but it was very well worth it! It is quite clear that we can’t turn any of our barns into e.g. gites as the area is designated as agricultural. If there’s a plot going for building that close to you, it looks more promising for you but checking is definitely a good idea!

I could offer a significant patch of our land at a crazy price… but whether that would be realised is another matter altogether.
Alsso consider whether SAFER may become involved. They would never pay that sort of price…

Thinking about it further, do you know what exactly is included in that price? As it is very high. Even if the site has been “viabilisé” ie connected to drains and so on I wouldn’t expect to pay more than €100,000 outside anywhere v pricy. Even say in pricy places like Fontainebleau or Annecy it would be under €150,000.

Just check it’s not a turnkey price…

And check the minimum size of a terrain constructible in the local plan for the area. It might be that 500m2 is minimum for one house.

The ad has already been taken down less than a week after it was published, which isn’t surprising after seeing people standing on the plot phoning the agents 2 hours after the ad had gone out.

Just so you know that I am not making this up, here is a different ad from this month which has lingered a bit longer.


This is a very valid point.
In addition, there are restrictions as to the size of the house that can be constructed on a given plot as a ratio, i.e. if you’re dreaming of building a ten bed mansion you’ll need a plot with proportions to match - it won’t be allowed on a small plot.
Somewhere, on SFN someone’s given the link but lunchbreak is over so I have to get back to work.