Anyone interested in volunteering at your local animal refuge?

If anyone has time on their hands, strength in their arms, a love of animals and preferably a weak sense of smell, why not join us walking dogs or cuddling cats at your local refuge.

We have set up a group for English speakers who would like to go along and help out by socialising the cats and dogs. It helps keep their spirits up and improves their lives and chances of being rehomed.

If you're interested, please take a look at our website LAARF (Les Amis des Animaux de Refuges en France), read our blog LAARF Blog or join our facebook group LAARF on facebook

Please give it a try. We have lots of volunteers who can show you around in some areas. In other areas we need to get our feet through the doors.

It really isn't as bad as you imagine, the dogs and cats benefit hugely from the interaction and it is one of the best feelings when you come away after a session, smelly, half deaf from the barking but having given the dogs or cats something to do during their days being spent behind bars.