Anyone know how a calor gas heater works?

after a long slumber I decided to press my old calor gas heater into service - but to no avail.

I bought a new cylinder - but still no success. the problem is that I don't really know fully how it works.

The cylinder is feeding gas to the regulator which has a tiny button on it. what is this for?

The hose then takes the gas to the user controls which then feed the pilot and main jets.

the problem is that as I don't fully know how each of these items work, I cannot test it any further than being able to confirm that gas is getting to the regulator.

I would very much appreciate any help please;



If it's one of the new style regulators you have to depress the button at the same time as moving the lever on the regulator to the on position. There then should be a "phoof" sound as the gas starts to flow. Sorry can't express the "phoof" any other way. Believe me it's even more irritating to connect the regulator to the botttle or to disconnect.

Do you have/can you borrow another appliance to try the cylinder on ?

I'm not actually using my bbq at the moment so you are welcome to pop up to the Beaujolais and borrow it ;-)

thanks All

You might have something Steve.

The gas is not getting to the burner. Problem is, I know it IS getting to the regulator however it is not getting any furtherwith the hose from the regulator disconnected. My concern is that I don't know how the regulator works and whether it can detect that I have disconnected the hose so is cutting off the flow as a safety feature - or if it has gone faulty !

Is the gas getting as far as the burner ? If not, I have something in the back of my mind about the button on the regulator being a safety mechanism that trips if you run out of gas. I think you have to press it in before opening the valve or the gas won't flow. Happened to me once on a gas bbq

you usually turn the large knob to 1 the push in hold it the press the red button, this strikes the igniter ...keep pressing it each press will make a spark should light after 6 or 7 strikes ....on the regulator turning the side swivel knob should should a red label meaning the regulator is on BTW ....there isnt usually a battery its Piezo electric meaning the spark is created by the friction of pressing down the red button

Hi Geoff. Is gas getting to the pilot light? Is the button to the ignition working? Might need a new battery. Could be dust in the thermocouple also. You could also take a quick read of this discussion if your pilot light is not working: