Anyone living in Burgundy

hi, we live in near moulin. just wondered if any other forum members are anywhere near us.

A couple, perhaps, in your general neck of the woods according to the user’s map

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Hi, Billy, we have met a charming couple who are about 30 mins from us. whereabouts are the others. Cant work out user map.

Click on the link in my post, the default zoom level means everyone is crowded on top of each other in France but you can use the mouse wheel to zoom and click+drag to scroll so hone in on your area.

It’s optional, so not everyone is on the map.

Can’t work the mouse thing. Do you know where other member is.

Use the +/- at the bottom left then.

Hi, we live near Cluny. Not near, sorry.

Hi Jane, tis a bit nearer. We are actually just outside Bourbon Lancy. Was not sure if actual town allowed. Lovely area Cluny, especially for Red Wine.

Nothing to stop you putting your location as precisely as you wish - though many prefer to be more “in the vicinity of” for privacy.

Not really red, we are near the Maconnais.

We’re in Burgundy, well North of you in l’Yonne village called Vézelay. If you’re up this way the village is well worth the visit.

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We had friends living near there, so have visited.

If you come up this way again pop in for a cup of tea.


More than well worth it, it’s exceptional. But I guess not in peak tourist season,

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hi, know morvan reasonably well , fly fish at chateau chinon, and used to boat on lake settons. looked at morvan prior to buying. we are in 71130.

Very kind of you, but it is a long trip from here and we don’t go far because of Jim’s bad back.

Yes, there’s something for everyone here and surrounding areas.
For art literature lovers there’s plenty here and many lived or worked here, here’s are a few…
These two are my neighbours.


All sorts of religious activities.

It’s a starting point or on the route of the St Jacques de Compostelle.

If anyone is into history well this is for you.

@Ancient_Mariner this is worth the visit Accueil | RĂ©sistances En Morvan
Bags of medieval history, there was a battle just outside of Vermenton twix the French and English, after the battle the English settled in for a while.
During WW2 the first allied soldiers were British paras and SAS to help the resistance and up set Germains as much as possible.
The late Queen visited, Churchill visited a few times having friends here, and a couple of Presidents too, F Mitterrand had a girl friend here in the village so was a frequent visitor :wink:

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And just an hour further on is the glorious Abbeye de Fontenay. Also world heritage site.

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They sold their house to a vigneron who wanted their barn for storage.
Very lucky for both parties.

We have friends in Bourbon Lancy, (100Km from us in south Cher). There are a few in Moulins as well, there’s a cinema there that occasionally show VO films.