Anyone near Lourdes?

(Kathy Abell) #1

Hello to ex-pats in France

I am writing from the Spanish Pyrenees so not so far from France - Catharine suggested I look to the forumites for help!

My 14 year old (and very brave) daughter will be studying in Argelés Gazost near Lourdes from September onwards and I would dearly like to get to know anyone in the vicinity. Is there anyone out there? I have an ulterior motive; my daughter needs a "famille correspondant" during her year at high school, and while I understand the school will hep if necessary, it is really up to us to make the first moves. Anyone willing to take her on (she's lovely by the way ....) would act as a kind of surrogate family by inviting her for the odd meal, helping out now and again and being on hand for emergencies. There is no obligatory involvement, it's just having someone closer than we are.

As a family, we would be very willing to reciprocate should there be anyone wanting to experience Spanish life, be it on a holiday basis or some kind of exchange.

I appreciate France is huge, but if there is anyone near Argelés Gazost, please get in touch!

Many thanks in advance. Kathy

(Kathy Abell) #2

Hia Catharine - yes, an offer from a couple not too far away who might be able to help. Thanks for getting me this far :slight_smile:

We moved from Leeds to Huesca 6 years ago when my children were 8 and 6 and my children obviously now speak Spanish and English. My daughter has since decided that she wants to speak French too, so started pestering me a few months ago about studying for in France for a year. We knew of a couple of other children from Spain who had done it so…wee set the ball in motion.

I seem to remember being quite determined as a teenager, but as a mum I obviously have a different perspective! I’m actually very proud of her for being so focused and just hope that she has a good experience. I think I’ll miss her more than she’ll miss me…

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. (and you can ask away…)

(Catharine Higginson) #3

Any luck?

And how come your daughter is going to school in France (if you don’t mind me asking!)

(Hazel and Gary Bailey) #4

Just sent you a message… look forward to hearing from you.