Anyone NOT hooked on Wordle? Success of the Day?

I didn’t write that this was a misapprehension, but the fact remains that this was the practice only in certain situations, as I’ve explained above. If you don’t believe me, have a look at some Old Master paintings of Dutch interiors that include paintings in the background - Vermeer’s a good one to start with

Congrats on the driving licence, it took me over a year to do that and my OH’s took sixteen months.

I’ve heard the term wordle but no idea what it’s about.

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Wordle is a word quiz go to:

It is only 1 word per day, you have 6 chances to get it.

I’m quite impressed in all honesty that it seems to be keeping the momentum, generally these online fads come in hard and burn out fast. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s not just fun but gets old brain working unlike some of those good awful Facebook type games back in the day.

Possibly that it is also only once per day, so in a couple of minutes you are done for the day.


Or if you cant sleep :sleeping:

What a great idea for a thread! I’m going to be a regular contributor :slight_smile:

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I don’t do wordle but will spend time on fun trivia

Sometimes! Sometimes it takes me all f-ing day! :roll_eyes:

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Spem in alium was a choir staple when I was an undergraduate, I love it.


Bèing dyslexic in a mild form and having no idea beyond what is a noun or a verb is then wordle is wasted on me.
My success each day is to complete an arrowword puzzle which I can do occasionally. They are usually peppered around the edges with trail words to see if they look right. Funny thing is I can tell when a word is spelt wrong but dont ask me how it should be spelt.
I am a wizard with numbers though.
I have had secretaries most of my working life so never had the need to spell, or type, but after moving to France 14 years ago I took to self teaching on a keyboard and spell check became my closest friend!
So there we are, l read through all the posts on SF and it is clear that there are many well read individuals but it does take all sorts to create a rounded conversation and we each have our own specialism and contribution to make.
Now back to my unfinished arrow word puzzle which will hopefully prove to be my success of the day.


Hi all,
My success of the day consists of having traced my last car insurance in the UK, two years down the line. I had originally insured my darling Citroën BX via Pacifica, and am in the process of changing with Fabfrenchinsurance. It’s turned out that Pacifica did not give me my NCD, despite me jumping through hoops and providing everything. Took fabfrenchinsurance to spot it, I missed it due to the system being very different. Just thought that insurance here is a right rip off… So hurrah, I got another bit of admin success.
AND I have returned our tax return yesterday! I am very pleased.


Success of the day… one Earl Grey Fruit Cake… smells divine and I’ve now locked it away or OH will be nibbling at it.
1st May is the time when we swap good-luck charms with the neighbours in the form of sprigs of muguet and/or cake.
The cake thingy came about by chance, when we first discovered the tradition and had no muguet to offer… (so I invented a sort of British-Version… :wink: :+1:).


Finally managed to get the little persons ex sandpit turned into a garden for him! He is so pleased! We are trying the square foot method in it! A cucumber, tomato, courgette, corn, strawberries and lettuce!

Excuse the unmowed bit around, really slack on my mowing at the moment!!


Wow! That looks lovely. Don’t worry about the mowing - think of it as bio-diversity. Much better than the monocultures of rows and rows of the same produce. :grin:


Just applied to renew my passport online. Got OH (reluctantly) to take my photo .
The whole process was really easy. Success!
Old passport in envelope ready to be sent off in the post.
It’s as well. I don’t know what made me look - I never look at my passport. It expires in August!
Hopefully in 11-12 weeks time I’ll be able to post “success it’s arrived”.


Latest success - took most of the day with one or two hiccups. With much help from SF. Thank you everyone. Managed to change leaking manky syphon under bathroom sink. Now have pristine (hopefully) not leaking new one. :grin:


Not sure whether this should just be cheerful news, but was a big success for me so putting it here.

I had my first ever singing lesson today, and it was great!! Ok it was mainly three notes, but I have never sung so this was a major step. I mean ever - no lullabys, school music lessons/choir, karaoke, shower songs, nothing.


Wow… a whole new world awaits you. (I can’t imagine my life without singing.)

Wow - if I may ask, was there anything that prompted that? Or you just fancied having a go?