Anyone NOT hooked on Wordle? Success of the Day?

How wonderful to start now. I grew up in a family with a father who was an excellent tenor, so singing just filled our lives. And I’m so glad it did. OH was told not to sing at school and as a result - tragically - believes he can’t sing and doesn’t to this day. Though he does enjoy listening to evensong on the radio.

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I’ve always wanted to as it seems such a happy thing to do. Although we were given numerous advantages, the creative arts were a no-go area as children. We could read whatever we wanted, but not make mess or noise so I never tried. So there comes a point where it is now or never! Although my newly acquired teacher says she has a pupil who started at 70.

Also, having phoned and booked my first lesson I then received the notice of being naturalised. With the info about the ceremony that will be held anytime in next 6 months where the Marseillaise will be sung! If that isn’t a motivation I don’t know what is!


Good for you and go for it​:+1::+1: it’s never to late to have a go……….at anything for that matter…….a good mantra to follow :grin: