Anyone on the Forum got a Linky Electricity Meter?

Yes Stella I have, they were installed in our commune in October 2016. I had a problem with a couple of things afterwards but the technician who came was very helpful.
I know that you can go online and check consumation etc; but so far I haven’t bothered. If there is a problem with charges etc; I will contact them. For the moment everything seems ok

Just found the leaflet that goes with the meter, briefly, as follows :
Les interventions techniques courantes se feront à distance, sans vous déranger, et dans des délais plus rapides.
Plus besoin d ĂȘtre prĂ©sent, le relevĂ© se fait Ă  distance, et devient quotidien.
Une dĂ©pannage encore plus rapide en cas d’incident ou de panne, le diagnostic est facilitĂ©. Enedis vous dĂ©panne plus vite.
Une meilleure maßtrise de votre consommation électricité grùce a suivi quotidien sur internet, depuis votre ordinateur, tablette, smartphone 

Usually in December I receive my new ‘calendar of monthly payments’ for 2018’ along with the Bill for 2017, I pay monthly so it will be interesting to see if there have been any major changes, en verra ! :pensive:

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Some people might find this useful.