Anyone take the CAPES exam?


If anyone has taken the CAPES exam and they are a British national I really need your help. One of the 'pieces justificatives' is an 'attestation au regard des obligations de service national' from the UK. I called the Consulat in Marseille, a very nice man suggested calling the MOD which, of course I did, they asked me to send my request by email and now I'm waiting...Do I really need this document?

Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated, I have lived in France my whole adult life and to be honest I have no idea who or where to call in the UK for this kind of request.



Hello Gudi,

Sorry to be resurrecting this old discussion but my son is taking his CAPES exam in March/April this year in Bordeaux and he is being asked for the same attestation regarding military service from the UK. He has rung the embassy in Paris and Bordeaux with no helpful result. The Rectorat in Bordeaux have not yet replied to his mail on the subject. The most helpful advise so far is to put a line through that part of the form with a note that there is no military service in the UK.

What happened when you took your exam? Did you need this justificative?

Any help greatly appreciated.



Just tell them there is no military service in the UK - I got the CAPES a couple of years ago & it doesn't apply to French women born before 1979 either & is now a one-day literacy check & army hearts & minds exercise. Oh now I come to think of it I have dual nationality & I expect I used my Fr papers, sorry - still not a problem though.