Anyone use Vyke?

Does anyone use the Vyke app?
Apparently you can port a telephone number into the app and this allows you to maintain your number since you can also port it out later, maintain your banking apps etc without the roaming charges and fair usage policies which are becoming an issue.
Just looking for honest reviews and potential shortcomings before I commit.

I’m sure someone will chime in…

I’ve just taken a look at the link and the Blog hasn’t been updated since 2017… for some reason

@graham do you have any thoughts/knowledge on this App…

why would I want a UK app on my French SIM mobile?

I was only asking if you had “any knowledge” … O Wise One… :wink:

yes, now :wink:
Not my bag… most people with Orange VOIP will still pay nothing (I believe) for a call from France to UK landline.
EDIT: you can do ost of things the OP mentions anyway without paying some outfit for the privilege.

Separate question Graham ref Revolut. Did you have a Revolut account linked to a UK number which you then switched across to the French SIM, or did you set Revolut up with the French SIM initially? Was it a painless transfer? I have been given a months notice before Three disable my UK number abroad. I phoned them yesterday and they confirmed they would be doing this.

But you cannot receive SMS texts to your UK number to login into certain financial websites. I have no interest in calling or SMS to UK. I have French SIM and use WhatsApp (which I believe you can transfer across to a French number, since it is currently linked to my UK telephone number).

it was a French SIM initially with Bouygues and it was easy to get up and running. When first applied, the UK was still in the EU but after Brexit, the account was transferred automatically to their Lithuanian entity so the IBAN changed to LT.