Anyone using Strava?

Do you use Strava? I use it for cycling, anyone else?

Hi James, I use it from time to time, it’s excellent but I prefer taking a cheap phone out with me which doesn’t have it. I’ve just got a mini gps (lezyne) which does the same thing and is sat there infront of you on the stem (or infront of the bars if you buy the bracket) giving you all the info as you ride. Some at the club go in for absolutely everything, power meters etc that cost thousands. I still leave my heart rate monitor in the cupboard - I know when I’m pushing it and don’t need a meter to tell me so!
Until recently I’ve always used sigma computers which have always been good and are cheap but I changed/started using strava to know how much climbing I do each ride - it tells the whole picture rather than just average speed and distance ridden. In short, strava is great and it saves you having to buy a fancy gps monitor if you want all the info but unless you can strap your phone to your handlebars (there are kits) then you have to wait to get back home to see the results. a simple computer gives you the main things you need whilst your riding, for not a great outlay :wink:

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So how do you connect your Lezyne GPS to Strava, some uploading involved or Bluetooth maybe? Is it straight forward. I do enjoy looking at the data on Strava after a ride!

At the end of a ride I plug the gps into the computer (laptop) and download the data. I chose to use the lezyne site/software but I could upload it to strava if I wanted - no need as everything’s there. It gives me the whole ride in a graph: altitude/relief, temperature and speed. It gives me an easy to use record of all my rides where I can write comments too. I think the other manufacturers do the same. The big advantage of strava on a smart phone is that it’s free, or the basic version I use is at any rate. At the end of the day, the key is getting out on the bike and training, they’re all boy’s toys to be honest (I’d cycled for 20 years at club level using a basic bike “computer” before using strava or gps :smiley:

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I use Endomondo: Anybody else use that?

I use Strava regularly when cycling and sailing. It’s a great App. It allows me to keep a record of where I’ve been and lets my children see what I’ve been up to.

yep, been using Strava for about 4-5 year.

Look me up Tim Neal in New Zealand, and frequently in France riding around.
I’ll be back over in August 2017 to ride the LeMan 24 hour if anyones interested in a ride along whilst Im over .

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you should download from the google app store Stravafix.
lots of cool numbers to play with :slight_smile:

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Great ride today, my longest yet 60kms :slight_smile:

There is something quite addictive about it wouldn’t you say?!

Not much elevation but you gotta start somewhere right?!