Anyone using this?

Had a call a few days ago from a company (seems legit) called Themed holiday ideas. Sounded great, free marketing etc and out of season bookings, but then she said there is an admin fee. O K, it is only £58 for 2 years, but like most of us, we have been promised the earth and had no enquiries or bookings, and then the company disappears. I said that we would consider them, but only on the condition that we could have a free trial run for a few months, but this was politely declined

Anyway, anyone had any experience of working with this company, did they deliver on their promises etc.



Thanks Barbara, thats a couple of negatives with nothing positive, pity really as I quite liked the idea. Maybe in the future....

Well my neighbour has had no contact with any one about Theamed holidays;
So we have our answer.

I WAS told yesterday that they have only just started advertising French properties about a month ago!!!!!!!!!

I had thought of getting in touch with my neighbours who have the vineyard but they

are not over friendly with us....we are competition. I will send them an e mail. Will report

back on that.

I spoke with the owner of the site Themed....and suggested weddings; not just to attract

wedding renters but simply because it is the biggest reason for people visiting my spot here.

Would be great for her site....I am certain.

She does mention weddings but has no one advertising.

This really is a great spot for weddings as we have Darcy Bussels chateau as a venue just

close by ( her sister has just bought another chateau and there is yet another very, very

successful wedding chateau not far from me).

I have imagined that this site is run by one person and could be developed?

Could be successful....but this would need to happen soon!

I would only take on tiny weddings as I do not wish to engage in hireing equipment, marquees

and porto loos....staff...etc.

Maybe those getting married for the 2nd or third time!

Barbara, do you know if your neighbours have had any success with this company? I also like the thought of a few more mid-season bookings, so maybe I would be willing to give them a go if someone had something positive to say, but its looking unlikely.

I notice that one of my neighbours is advertising with them.

Perhaps they have had some good fortune.

But the site needs to be improved. It is not totally obvious as to what is

on offer at each establishment.

I called them yesterday, one in.

Got a call back and a very nice sounding lady told me

how well the French holidays were going.

I found the website did not work very well BUT I really like the

idea as it fits in well with my plans for the shoulder season.

They have a google ranking but it seems they are more prominent in other countries eg Spain but are try to get more interest in France

Thanks Alison, interesting to hear that. Their representative said that it was very unlikely that we would not make a profit, and she had never heard of it.

We don't offer themed holidays, it's what they do, organise flights, car hire, activity itinerary (fishing, walking, cycling etc and their client books the accommodation directly.

I put an advert with them a year ago, lots of errors and no replies to the posting.

Mark, never heard of them. Do you specially offer themed holidays?