ANZAC Day 2019

Honour to all who fought, died, came home… whatever…

We’re off to a local ANZAC do later today and have been asked to wear something green - any ideas why? I know about the traditional sprig of rosemary tradition but can’t seem to find anything about ‘green’… :new_zealand: :australia:

No idea Simon… Rosemary, I know about and have loads of … but I have nothing green so I will be barred… :slightly_smiling_face:

all jokes aside… I cannot hear this WM song without tears…

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Maybe it’s just our hosts’ particular ‘penchant’ :wink:

Google talks about Rosemary Blue/Green for many Australian Anzac memorial bits and bobs… with no further explanation that I can find.

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Try Redgum’s Nineteen (

Thanks for that (I think)… tears on the go…

and the photos… the younger generation need to understand these photos are not from a “film” they are real-life/real-death… the bodies will not get up, unhurt… and move on to the next scene… :cold_sweat::cry::cry: