Aperos in 66?

(Miles Barrington) #1

If anyone is interested in a meet-up drink in the Perpignan / Pyrénées-Orientales area please could they let me know ?

(Sara Peat) #2

Hi I live at St Cyprien Plage I would love to meet up with some new friendly people :slight_smile: and a drink is a plus ~ Please let me know if anything is organised thanks Sara

(Jeremy Kincaid-Smith) #3

yes yes and yes, even if not many of us I am sure Kaz and a few others will be happy to have an apero

(Ria Tounsi) #4

Sounds interesting, let me know where/when.

(Kaz O'Reilly) #5

Always up for an apero!

(Miles Barrington) #6

Jeremy K-S suggested it as another possible venue, so we’ll gauge the response and see what we can do!

(Carol Norwell) #7

Hi Miles…we would…but…we live in the Dordogne and our flat in St Cyp is let out some of the time…depends if we are local when you name the day!