Apostille - where do I get one?

(Nick Allbeury) #1

I have been asked to attach an apostille to a power of attorney document. Apparently an apostille is a document that confirms that the notaire I use is an authorised notaire. Does anyone know where i go for an apostille - is it eg the local prefecture or mairie ?

(Nick Allbeury) #2

Thanks for that Alex. Happy with the process now - its just how long it might take the french bureaucrats that worries me!

(Alex Thurgood) #3

Your local Court of Appeal. Normally, your notary should be able to deal with this as he/she was the one who signed the document. It usually entails sending the original document to the Court of Appeal and requesting an Apostille under the Hague Convention. It isn't a document, but generally a seal (nowadays a printed / stamped seal) that is added to the original document.

As I only just noticed that the answer had already been provided, I'll just add that this is quite a common requirement for documents intended for Spanish speaking countries and Latin America, and some Asian countries.

(Nick Allbeury) #4

Hi Catherine, I went this pm to the Notaire. He signed and stamped the power of attorney document (which was in both Spanish and French as its being used by a Spanish gestor). I gave him photocopies of my passport which he signed and stamped. He then demanded 120 euros ! attached a form and posted the lot off to a "ministerial" office in Riom (a city about 2 hours drive away). He expects it to return with an apostille attached in about 8 - 10 days (I've heard that before!) . So there's the answer - your local notaire will sort out an apostille for you.

(catherine taylor) #5


I’d be very interested in what the notaire says. Thanks.

(Nick Allbeury) #6

Thanks Catherine - but - a recent European law demands that documents like a power of attorney, witnessed/signed by a notaire are to be accompanied by two supporting documents: an apostille which is a government document confirming that the Notaire is an authorised Notaire, and secondly by a copy of passports also signed and stamped by the notaire. I shall visit the Notaire today and ask him where i get an apostille

(catherine taylor) #7

I thought from the notaire–our local notaire did this for me for my birth certificate–in my case he was attesting that I was the person on the birth certifcate (I took my passport). He stamped it and signed over the stamp, dated, etc. Best thing, he didn’t charge.