Appalling Customer Service From Orange Mobile

I just need to rant to let off some steam - please indulge me.

I went to the Orange shop on Saturday to end my contract - I went pre-armed with a “lettre de resiliation” that I could post next door at La Poste if they said they couldn’t do it - they couldn’t (no surprises there) but said I had to ring Orange direct and gave me the number.

I filed my letter away, as I felt one day it would come in useful.

I have just rung them and was quizzed as to my reasons and then plied with offers of free text a phone that does everything to stay - my phone has been on its last legs for a while but I have been told on numerous occasions previously that I didn’t have enough points to get another one free of charge. Hmm…

After giving every piece of personal info to them they then asked for my “code confidentiel” which appears on my bill - I receive my bills on line, and guess what, the bill/ facture facility is not working!

They tell me I have to go to the Orange shop who will sort it out…and so the cycle repeats itself…

Oh Helen, that is so frustrating. We have had a similar thing recently, my email was down and I thought it was terminal, and as we get emailed a code to complete the transaction everytime Adrian uses the bank card over the internet I went on-line to change the email linked to the bank account. I got to the very last bit when they advised that they had emailed a code to the old email address to confirm the change of email - Aagghh I had no way of getting the code, so couldn’t change the address = one not very happy husband! Thankfully email came back after 2 weeks and all now changed to a more reliable email address.

My Orange mobile was on its last legs, and I have tried to get a new one - I use the cheapest simple model, so wasn’t looking for anything fancy - but to get a new phone free of charge was no go.
Interesting today that they offered me a new phone, plus 10% discount on my monthly bill for me to stay - too little too late Orange!

i had an Orange account for about 12 years then 1 year had a free phone and it broke after just 3 months ,rang orange to sort the prob ,was told by a little upstart that it was my problem and i had to get the phone sorted myself, after a few choice words told him to stick the phone where the sun dont shine,he replyed you still have to pay the monthly bill , i told him i dont and cancelled the direct payment… had a few letters but they soon stopped

Third time lucky - found an old bill and have actually managed to cancel my contract.
There is an old Welsh saying that a Welshman/ woman has to do thing three times - how very true…
Rant over!

JUST RUNG AGAIN -This time they want my customer account number - talk about changing the goal posts!!!

Light at the end of the tunnel…I put the code in my contacts on my phone - praise be!!
I am using a Tesco Mobile which offers a double top up for every £1 you put on there - so for 10 pounds per month, I actually get 30 pounds worth of credit - even factoring the increased costs of calls and text when using it in France, it works out as a very good deal - their customer service is excellent and it can be managed on line.
As a further boost, if you top up via direct debit, you get a further discount - so I only actuall pay £9 for £30 of credit - Every Little Helps!

That’s Orange for you Helen !!!