APPEAL: Can you help Equine Rescue France buy a much needed Micro chip Scanner today?

(Kathryn Dobson) #1

ERF visit markets and welfare cases across France and we often need to find the owners of animals, or to check the history of the animals that we see. As

all equines in France now have to be chipped by law, this provides a simple way to find out important evidence to the background of the animals. Hence, we need to purchase

at least one hand-held microchip scanner for the team so that we can log this essential evidence for the authorities and find owners.

The cost of scanners has fallen rapidly recently and they are now available for as little as 150€. If only 30 people give 5€ today then we will be able to make an even greater difference for equines in

France. Just click the Paypal button on our blog , or leave us a pledge in the comments below and we’ll come back to you.

We will be visiting the market soon where we took these photos recently. If we have a microchip scanner then we can clearly identify who are the owners of these animals and help to prevent further injuries to other animals in their care.

Please pledge a fiver today and help us help horses and donkeys here in France.....thank you.

(Kathryn Dobson) #2

Thankyou Rachel :slight_smile:

(Rachel Loos) #3

I am happy to pledge €5…Ker-ching!