Appeal to trace owners of 3 legged cat

I am sharing this here in the hope that the British owners can be traced.

The fact that the cat has no chip could mean that the owners are resident in France.

I know for a fact that this is not a hoax.

"SOS appeal to find the owners of a cat recently found in a service station in Normandy, France but whose owners tragically can not be traced. We are also appealing for people with contacts in the UK media to help get this story covered. Full details below.

Some British people travelling in a camper van lost their 3-legged tortoiseshell cat (one leg had been amputated) in July this year (2023) at a service station called “Aire des Haras au Sap André 61” on the A28 Autoroute (motorway) in Normandy, France.

They returned to the service area several times to look for her and left posters in the petrol station and food area.

In August, on one of their visits, they were told that a tortoiseshell cat had been found run over and killed in the area and it was thought to be their cat. After this they stopped going back there and the posters were all thrown away.

However we now know that the cat who was run over had 4 legs so wasn’t their cat.

Fast forward to early November (a few days ago) and a truck driver (who it turns out was there when the British people lost the cat originally so knew all about her) pulls into the service station and finds her. He’s sure it’s her since she has 3 legs, just like the missing cat. He picks her up and contacts local rescue groups who take her to the vet only to find that she doesn’t have a chip (and an X-ray is done to ensure the chip hasn’t migrated and shows definitively that there is no chip). So there is no way of contacting the owners other than to appeal on social media which has been done but the owners haven’t been located.

We do not know if the owners live in France or the UK. The fact that she doesn’t have a chip leads us to believe that they may live in France but we also know that on rare occasions microchips fall out.

I am hoping that the media will cover this story and help us to reunite her with her family. And please everybody share as far and wide as possible on social media.

Contact - you can e-mail to"

I’m wondering how they brought their 3-legged cat to France without it being chipped…

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Perhaps they didn’t - they may live in France and the cat maybe French.

yes, maybe… I’ve seen this same cat on several “lost pets” sites via my SiLaw… (bless her :wink: )
and, frankly, if someone travels quite often, which the campervan implies… having a pet chipped is a no-brainer.
Obviously, I want pet and owner united again… and I’m sure the cat is being very well cared for in the meantime… :+1:

Living in France and having a pet does have its responsibilities… cats/dogs should be identifiable by one means or another…

That is why I posted it here, thinking that perhaps they live in France, and hoping they may follow anglophone forums. A long shot I know.

Also, there is now some doubt about when the cat was lost, it may have been earlier than July.

It’s always sad when a pet gets lost… and I do hope this has a happy ending…
However, if reading about this lost cat makes another Owner get their pet identified that, in itself, is a good outcome.

fingers crossed…


We still haven’t traced the owners, but we are still trying. If they are not found the cat will be given up for adoption at the end of the month.

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I am delighted to say that, in the nick of time, we have managed to locate the owners! They will be reunited with their little lady this weekend. I love a happy ending!


Really well done.

Excellent news, were the owner staying in France or second home owners from the UK.

Brilliant, but we must have the story. :joy:

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