Apple Pay on French motorways

I travel a number of times to the South of France from my home in Luxembourg. I have always used a physical credit card when buying petrol. In recent years most if not all pumps are self service.
I am a recent convert to Apple Pay which is contact only. I don’t recall if these self service pumps have any ability to work with contact or will I have to continue to use a physical card. I am under the impression that the pump will not deliver fuel without a card. However I may be wrong and I can just fill up and walk to the counter and use my Apple Pay.
Has anyone experienced this?
I do know the best price for fuel is not on the motorways.

I am a long convert to ApplePay as well. It is the easiest and safest way to pass money. I do not know why tese financial institutions do not promote it more.

There are two entities that make ApplePay difficult for you and I - Fuel distributers and Cash machines. In the US, where technology is ahead, pumps now take ApplePay. In France I know of one pump on the A61 that takes it, but no others.

There are technical reasons for the non acceptance, but they are not difficult to resolve if there is a will. We just have to grin and bear it I am afraid.

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Of course if you went electric :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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We have a Fiat 500e for town but for 1000k we use our petrol car.
We have in three years in use never used a public charger for the electric car.

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How many apples do you have to put in? :rofl:


Technology may be, but banking certainly isn’t :joy:

Three Granny Smiths, or in Euros 5 Pommes de Limousin.


I really like those. If we lived in town all the time I’d buy one.

The exceleration is a lot of fun.

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