Applying for a permanent residency as a non EU/UK citizen


I need some advice about applying for permanent residency in France.

Hello, I have been in France since 30 September 2018 (I entered on a student visa to study French). I then went to a university for a one-year French Language program and obtained a diploma for French language and culture. I then went on to study a 2 year Master’s degree program in corporate finance. Now, I am currently working as a Financial Auditor on a CDI (contrat à durée indéterminée; permanent contract). My current visa (titre de séjour) is a titre de séjour recherche d’emploi (valid until 31 May 2024). Do I qualify to apply for the Carte de résident de longue durée-UE ? If not, what are my options to be able to regularise my stay ?

First off, what is your nationality? And have you filed taxes since you arrived? It may be that your student year won’t count so would not be even eligible until September 2024.

The carte de séjour longue durée is a weird one. Some prefectures deny its existence apparently, and other have no process to apply for one but if you qualify you get one!

In most cases the request for a ‘changement de statut’ must be made to your prefecture. However, recently a small number of changes are being allowed online. While technically, a changement de statut can be requested at any time, most prefectures will only accept such requests during the renewal period of the existing Titre de Séjour.

To request a changement de statut consult your local prefecture to determine their process. The best way to do this is usually from the prefecture’s website. However, it may also be possible to visit, phone, or email.

I would think that the obvious one for you is a carte de séjour salariée.

But if you want to give the longue durée a go these are the details

Hello, thanks for your response.

I am Nigerian and I start filed for taxes for the years 2020, 2021, and now 2022. I was supported by my parents so I had no revenue as I was not working. In 2022 I got an internship as part of the requirements to finish my master’s degree and was paid the gratification so that does not need to be declared either.

I saw a lawyer and was told that my years as a student count but I just need to have the carte de séjour salariée at the moment of applying for this card and was just wondering if I could get advice from anyone here who has insight on this…