Applying for CEAM

Hi all,
Maybe someone can help me. I wanted to apply for a CEAM card on line. It says I have to have an ameli account, so I started to fill in the boxes but got stuck on social security number, which I had assumed was my NNI number, but that has 15 numbers and they want 13.
I am registered as AE.
Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

I think you just miss the last 2 digits off of the number as printed on your carte vitale…
But if you’re registered as an AE, are you sure you use the ameli website? I get my CEAM via la RAM because they’re the ones who issued my carte vitale and deal with my healthcare. I thought you only use ameli if you have your healthcare via CPAM but maybe it’s all joined up now.

OK, thanks. I’ll try via RAM.

On my original leaflet from RAM it says their website is but if I put that in I get something weird.
Google brings up, which looks genuine. I hope it is, before I go and put in all my personal details!

Yes that’s the one, they rebranded last year I think.

OK, thanks. :slight_smile:

Still not managed it! I have to create an account with RAM and they are asking for a reference which I don’t know how to find! I don’t have any recent letters from them and those I do have don’t look like the example they show!
I have to keep going back to England for work and I never seem to have time to sort everything out in between times :frowning:

Isn’t it just your sécu number that they ask for? It’s on your carte vitale. If it’s too long you just miss off the last 2 or 3 digits. As mentioned in the first reply, above :wink: